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Luxo Jr Wallpaper

So alone in the pitch black darkness, still he can lighten up the world.

This is my last finished project in Cinema 4D. I used the model I've created for my school project - Pixar's Luxo Junior.

I've learned a few things about lighting the scene recently and I wanted a challange. So I decided I'd make (or at least try to make) a decent wallpaper. I tweaked the model and material slightly and then started to set the lights. The horror :O

But I think it's turned out good and I like it and hope you do too ;) Please post a comment if you do, criticism very welcomed!

Zoom in or download for the full size (1920 x 1080). Buy this print here: [link]

Luxo Jr. is © Pixar.
EDIT: Thanks to all of you for the views, favs and comments! And also downloads - it shows that you actually download my wallpaper and hopefully use it too ;) Cheers!

EDIT2: Thanks very much to all of you who likes this wallpaper. It just hit 1,000 downloads! And as a celebration I've made NEW Luxo Jr Wallpaper, check it out: [link]

I'm into lot of stuff:

Check out my gallery: [link]
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Hehe, reminds me about Pixar! Nice job! :)
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i know her from ard electronica festival many years ago- pixar came up with.
when i see your work, i think i should start again to make some 3d pics. some years ago i tried do produce one simpel object every day (like this [link])
when i see your beautiful work, i think i should try again :-). but i think it is too dificult for me. :-(
SysGen21's avatar
Thanks for taking interest in my work! I've seen yours and it's good, I see that you used to create it in 3Ds Max. If you feel like getting started again I can only recommend it. 3D art is very interesting and beautiful and it's not that complicated to create a nice picture. I'd like to give you an advice: don't ever get discouraged by difficulty. If you don't want to try something just because it's difficult then you never accomplish anything. So if you'd really like to create 3D again then hit it! I'm looking forward to see your work :)
woisvogi's avatar
hi, thanks for your encouraging words. i need that, becouse, the most things i do i do not find peer groups in my environment. now i remember, i did not get it, to build cars by batches (a 3ds modul). on the end the recriated cars was looking very different then the original, also i could not hold the single batches together by transforming them. to create boats by nurbs i found not so difficult. after all, it need so much time and i have too many interests. but now winter season starts, maybee i find time for some nice hours with it. for my job ([link]) it also could be helpful.
SysGen21's avatar
That's the spirit! Don't hesitate to try something new, or get back to the old in your case. If you're going to work in 3Ds Max there are quite a lot tutorials and manuals how to create 3D all over the internet. Or if you'd like to try a new approach I recommend Cinema 4D, which I'm currently using. It's a 3D software not only for beginners and I've found it quite easy to understand and get used to it.
I wish you good luck!
woisvogi's avatar
thank you very much for your imput. such things helps. when i have worked off my big mountain on sh..t, i`ll try again. maybee i can use my photos for nice textures.
dizzykat28560's avatar
So that light has a name? I never knew that. You did very well with the lighting. And that opening line in the description-a bit inspiring!
SysGen21's avatar
Sure, Luxo and Luxo Jr. are featuring in one of the first Pixar's short movies called "Luxo Jr." from 1986 ;)
I'm glad you like it, thanks :)
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You're using Cinema 4D right? Might I suggest for your light source, adding a little light fall off to it. Fall off would help to create a strong light beam, and when it hits the surface it will look more like a real life lamp.
SysGen21's avatar
Actually I was using falloff but probably not as much as I should. Anyway I'll try it out, thanks for your advice ;)
Byakuhan's avatar
try inverse falloff. that's the real ticket :P
SysGen21's avatar
Cool, it does look better. Thanks!
Byakuhan's avatar
glad I could help man :)
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I like this.

Rikk ................
SysGen21's avatar
I'm glad you like it! Thanks for the fave ;)
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charoncreates's avatar
ah! the ball-loving-desk-lamp!! :XD:
SysGen21's avatar
Yup that's he ;) Thanks for the fave!
charoncreates's avatar
you're welcome ^^
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Looks good, but the proportions seem a bit off. Nothing some simple adjustments can't fix though. I would make the head larger and the base smaller if your going for accuracy.
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