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FF7 - TWS : Under The Giant Pizza

By Syrphin
Here is the illustration I made for the fan project : Final Fantasy 7 – The Web Series (… ). We've got 22 days left to reach our goal, so spread the word, donate and share the project, we need you to make this dream come true !…

You can also donate to the project by buying my illustration as a poster/card/... on…

Art ©:iconsyrphin:

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© 2013 - 2021 Syrphin
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Cloud would say : great work ! ^^
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This is really amazing, wow. Awesome!!
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This is amazing. So which sector is this? I want to make Midgar on Minecraft.
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Thanks ! I'd say it's Sector 5 (the signs indicate Wall Market and Sector 3 ^^)
Taqresu650's avatar
You're welcome. One of the reasons I asked is because I want to make Midgar on Minecraft. It's going to be extremely hard, especially when you don't see all the slums and upper plate sectors.
Syrphin's avatar
Yep that's true, You will have to create a big part from your imagination ! ^^
Taqresu650's avatar
I'm also hoping for a more in-depth look of Midgar from the Remake, if I ever get the chance to play it.
Syrphin's avatar
Yeah I think this is what they are going to do =)
Taqresu650's avatar
Indeed, although I wonder what extra content they include. I know that in some of the remakes, they add Omega and Gilgamesh. And in FF4's DS remake, they added in the Augment system, which made you pretty powerful when used correctly (even giving you the chance to get Dualcast, which is basically W-Magic).
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Yep, but I think this one will be different, as they are going to change some background/story changes too ^^. Wait and see... =)
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This is a meticulous piece of art work that truly depicts the life in the slum.  You captured every detail not sparing any gave every inch your best!  Great job, your work will be getting even more attention as the game gets closer to release.
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absolutely wonderful :)
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"†he Seventh Fantasy" in pro∂uction
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Whoooaaah. The atmosphere here is incredible man.
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javawombat's avatar
Love FF7 and especially love the part of the game that takes place in Midgar.  Great illustration.
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LeafTheDark's avatar
Without reading the title I knew it was!
Tremendous work!
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Awesome you really manged to caoture the feel of living under the dome
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