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Escaping the Inquisition

By Syrphin
Don't have much time to draw, lately, but I managed to make this piece =).

Art ©:iconsyrphin:
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© 2018 - 2021 Syrphin
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Sweet, this tells a story in itself
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Heey, thanks for this kind comment !
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C'est une très belle composition ! Vraiment très impressionnant !
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It's interesting, in the absence of any dialogue the viewer has to construct in their own mind what's happening.

Well ok that's not too hard, the title says she's escaping the inquisition, she's a sorceress and... they look like Witchhunters from The Witcher. (unless their appearance is coincidence)

But at first glance I thought the black haired bearded guy was hiding her. The others stumbled onto this place, she's hiding while he talks to them.

Except... he's dressed like they are, isn't he? So he's a Witchhunter too. I guess he's actually with their group and he's hunting her too.

Except I can't quite get my first conclusion out of my head. So what if he IS a Witchhunter but he's trying to hide her anyway?
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Hey, thanks for this kind analysis (and sorry for the late response) !

You're very close to the actual story I imagined and I really like what you extract from this image =D.
Actually, the man who turn his back to us is the captain of the witchhunters (yeah, I totally was inspired by The Witcher ^^). They are tracking down a witch and they followed her in a forest. They lost her and are refering to their captain to inform him of their failure. They just don't know that she is just next to them, scared to be discovered.

But, as I said, I really like your story and I don't know wich one I like most between yours and mine, haha !
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