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We Are Invincible! by syringex99 We Are Invincible! by syringex99
I learned and enjoyed a lot with this piece :) I started this one as a "relax" from my official new piece (which I haven't finished hehehe), I didn't make one specific purpose with it but to enjoy, and I used most of the things I've learned in digital painting without thinking too much about it and just letting it flow, it was more like "hey, multiply will help me here" instead of "I need to master multiply layers here" so, maybe I'm learning the craft? I even imagined a more less shaped backstory with these two characters, which I won't tell because I believe the picture should do it :D
Please enjoy as I enjoyed making it and comment if you like :)
Tools used: Krita 2.8, Wacom Intuos S, Gimp, Ubuntu Gnome.
What I learned: 1. Faces in cartoon style (even if painted) both color and shadings must be kept simple! 2. If you do a BW base to color with layers, shades and gray tones must be excellent and most, most important. 3.  Enjoy creating!
Deevad Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Woo ~~ ow .. It looks like you know now how to vivid properly your shades and make your color poping with the 'overlay' pass. I'm proud and happy that my little articles can help ; feel free to transform , alter, and evolve this technic into your very own ; with works ( on details, volumes, anatomy ) you'll be a impressive speedpainter or digital painter ; I can feel it. You already can setup the whole artwork , mass, colors in a pretty fast way etc... 
syringex99 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
TY so much David, your kind words are a huge ego boost:happybounce: , I'll keep working because I see those fails and want to fix them, all the time I notice them when i'm too deep into the piece to go back, thank you for your response and your huge, amazing posts, you're a wonderful human being!
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