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teen Zoe Aves

I just had to make her look too sexy...I was in the mood of drawing some sexy goth girl and then it turn out to become a pic of a sexy Zoe.^^; Oh well. Hope no one gets nosebleeds.:)

Zoe Aves © Sandra Equihua, Jorge R. Gutierrez
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© 2008 - 2021 Syrie-Marufuji
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really cool design!
Great!  Luv Zoe!
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She looks great and tough. I like the way you made her eye, it really brings out her face. Is that a star tattoo near her belly button?
Awesome job ^^
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sexy one man! great job!
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oooooorales, 15 o 17 años?????
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She have a look to be a potential Goth Kunoichi just only add the ninja sandal Boots,A Shuriken Box in her leg and a Konoha HeadBand

all of a suden looks cool
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(I Died for masive nosebleeding)
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why did that stupid expression thing appear! Stupid smiley...
Syrie-Marufuji's avatar
dog ';pile' you mean. XD
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Awesomeness, been requesting mature renders of Zoe on DA, you should check out :icons-l-b: render of not just her, but also frida and Voltura.
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I think I'm in love :heart:
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Me, Jenny, NEVAR GETS NOSEBLEEDS!! :iconanimefaceplz:
Jade: You did too! Remember that picture of El Tigre and it looked really got a nose bleed...and..
Me: :raincloud: whatever.
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Krystal: i thought she was already a teen XD maybe this is like 16s
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Yep. She's about 15-16 in this, I should have note her age in this pic.
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Krystal: well, those who study bodies would know age at a glance
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