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The Last to Stand

From Quake III Arena's manual:

Untold centuries ago the Vadrigar, the mysterious Arena Masters, constructed the Arena Eternal for their own infernal amusement. Virtually nothing is known of these beings except that they savor the carnage and clamor of battle. As such, they have stocked the arena with the greatest warriors of all time.

Crash of Quake III Arena; a once-great military captain shamed after losing her entire army and being captured by the Vadrigar. Now, left only to her own skill and ability, she fights in order to gain what she has lost so long ago. Forver, she is an immortal; forever she will fight.

Streamline 4.0, Photoshop 7.0

P.s. You're missing out if you don't full view ;)

Need more sweet quake lovin'? There's something waiting behind Doom's Helmet for ya.
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A sexy and beautiful female behind the "doom's helmet"
Huh, strange, I'd imagined her blonde.

But still, great work.
Berzerker2k5's avatar
Nice to see fan art of Crash.

That hairstyle of her's is exactly what I have imagined as well.
theEyZmaster's avatar
Woow! this is amazing! I love it!
Fantastic work^^
firestriker's avatar
jeje, doomguy is gonna love this XD
pholian2's avatar
i love this pic, i've favorited it. its that damn good. :D
MarkSYNTHESIS's avatar
It's Crash! She was my favorite character in Quake 3.

Yes, I am that shallow. But I did love how she referred to herself as "Ice Queen", and other characters referred to her as "Instructor" in their random dialogue.
Jazon19's avatar
Awesome to see crash art :D Shes brutal
"Ohh shes weak as, easy to beat"
"Play it on nightmare"
soy-monk's avatar
That's an awesome rendition of her. She's absolutely gorgeous.
Jorgezevallos's avatar
i kind of like this, nice.
feastuponmyashes's avatar
Amazing work, outstanding colour! +fav for sure. I love this character design.
Dualmask's avatar
That's a great image...the varying textures on the outfit, as well as the line art itself, really bring this piece to life. You make me want to go back to using Streamline... and you inspire me to improve my coloring skills!
syphonfx's avatar
it makes my day knowing im helping someone else:) yeah streamline definitely has its pluses. the only drawback about it is that the lineart has to be REALLY clean and even then you always dont get a great render. i usually put them into illustrator and tweak them there after streamlining them.
darkconsole's avatar
as a hardcore Q3 player i must say
you rock.
do you plan to draw more of crash?
do you mind if i feature your work in my sites news?

PlanetQuake LotW Reviews and more at the Tikidomain
syphonfx's avatar
i downloaded a lot of stuff you reviewed, tiki man. you deserve some mad props too :) well im not planning on drawing any more of Crash, but i am planning on other characters of quake, possibly Doom. And no, I dont mind if you feature my work. I'm honored :)
syphonfx's avatar
done and done.
darkconsole's avatar

be sure you drop a line my way if you do the other chars, and two lines if you do another of this Crash ;). I was just talking with a friend today after we saw this and noticed the lack of uberquality q3 drawings such as this.
(wouldn't doom be a nice one try try next? =)
really this is excellent, great work.

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WHOA! Her butt blinds me!
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