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What Happened to Digital Art

I do not know if I am the only one who noticed this, but I am getting more and more frustrated about deviantArt's digital art "scene". I remember the times when i have looked through thousands of galleries, and just could not get enough of inpirational Dart.

But What Happened?
When i look around in these days, I see none sense, monotone, meaningless art! What happened to Concepts?! I mean I see works getting DD's which are (maybe only in my Opinion so dont feel offended) Totally cheap, and consumer orientated! What happened to individual ART!?!, Ok i must say there are stil these among us which have their own individual Style and I to those (u know u who are) I can only say! Carry ON!

But me on the other hand, I am getting Bored of this art! I barely see any inspiration out there, and secondly i am also frustrated about how "cheap" art often overruns the true Art! And lastly what is up with all that "Plagiarism" among dA?!?!?! he!z has left and i truely understand WHy!

Well folks keep it up, but plz dont expect tooo much from me

Yours still loving Syntik

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umm a difficult one this,as I think persons do get jaded when looking at similar art images.

I am still amazed at artwork I see on DA.

Also is my work classed as cheap? - hope not :(

I have also found frustration kicks in when trying to create new artworks, so I end up going back to a old and trusted formula (this has started to happen when I use bryce, although have found using different light masks have helped), so have started with cinema 4d (I have a hopefully not cheap and wicked abstract waiting to be rendered - will start that tonight).

I will have to start learning how to abstract brush with PS very soon, as I just usually submit the raw abstract without any brush work.


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Do I count as "Cheap"?
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Hey, I can relate! I want to learn to do this kind of art, but so much of it just looks like chaos. If I learn it, I will go in a different direction.
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I totally agree dude. I myslelf am inspired by Pixar art and I like to put detail in my stuff. Allot of cheep people pleasure art I see out there do fet DDs. Then there are good/kickass artists that have been here for 2 years and only have 11,000 pgvws. Come on people!

Some things I do are to please people but only as a thanks you for giving me pageveiws or something. Most of the time I draw for myself. In reality I don't even post half the things I draw here.
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totally agree. years ago this place was great.... now, well I'm barely here because of what it has become. glad to see some people creating for the right reasons :)
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wie kommts ? es muss einem doch egal sein, was andere machen. klar. ... es kann einen betreffen, aber wenn man nicht nach seinen eigenen prinzipien lebt, dann passt man sich zwangsläufig den anderen an... und genau dann verliert jeder seine individualität. die individualität, die mich fasziniert.
deine bilder sind schön, und wenn soetwas verborgen bleibt, macht das sicherlich nicht nur mich trarig, sondern auch sehr viele andere.. und schade drum, dass vollkommen andere deine arts nicht "erleben" ..

*seufz* gib doch nicht auf. das leben geht weiter, auch wenns schwerer wird....
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I feel the same way, i love looking at other peoples work and get inspired but not latly though :(

But maybe its because xmas its close :)

But i think every artist goes thru a phase where he or she doesnt get inspired by others.
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I hear you!
I browse the for Digital art all the time now a days. and there are surly a rare few out there how deserve more appreciation then they get. And the ones getting are .. :no:
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You may come to realise that if you had seen that inspiring art now, you may not find them inspiring, you know techniques, you have seen style, once this happens it become hard to be impressed, even at an image executed in almost perfection.
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hmmm maybe, but i can still tell when a work is CHEAP and when there is thought and effort behind it!
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Of course. You must do your best to wade through such images to find the gems though. :nod:
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It may be a personal change, rather than a change in the quality of the concepts of recent deviations... I found that after I had looked at over 5,000 pieces of art I lost the initial wonderment I had when I first entered the art scene, however, I began to appreciate art for technique, aesthetics, and effort instead.
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