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1) My full name is Daniel Sayed Qaiyumi, which nobody can say correctly!
2) I love my cat and my wonderful girlfriednd!!!
3) My girlfriend would describe me as a computer "GEEK"- -.-
4) I am a pure CocaCola addict, and  i get halucinations when i dont have any ;P
5) Im 16 years old btw. and i come from Germany
6) Not many people know it but I am half Afghan!
7) I do NOT like BUSH- i luv america though
8) Germany pisses me off
9) I am a very musical and artistic Person
10) I AM LEFT HANDED (very proud of it)
11) I had to move my computer into my celler since my Wlan broke down, so i live in the celler mostly.
12) I luv taking baths, ahhhh
13) I am a pure Lost, O.C, Ally McBeal, addict
14) I am Male
15) Im getting bored, easily
16) Erm, I love art however have little time for it atm because of school!
17) When i was 2 i ran after a blond haired girl and tried to KISS her! *'inthezoo'*
18) Have i said I love cocacola yet?!?!?!?
19) I love sleeping, its the HIGHLIGHT of my Day!
20) I just love Photography!

:iconmj00: -tagged me lil biatch ;P

Thank You for reading!

Yours with Love

Daniel Qaiyumi

Syntik- Perfection is Life
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hells yes for us coca-cola addicts! :coke: :coke: :w00t:
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I can pronouce your name in four accents :giggle: no honest, i can.
I am genearally a cola addict!! Coke/ Pepsi bring it on ..
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Damn coke addicts. :lmao:
lelusz's avatar
17) < rocks :D

and what means *'inthezoo'* ?:P

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bei nummer 13 gehts mir auch so ;)