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Well some typical art from, me! Well im not so sure about it, but i like it indeed. It is dedicated to my idol Vincent
Its a bit his style, this is how i tried to express my fascination about his works!
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© 2005 - 2021 Syntik
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thats the coolest wallpaper ive ever had
its great
digitalshock's avatar
its oversharpened and i think the render at the top is too bright.
axial's avatar
great render but don't like the render in the middle, und warum ist es so schief das bild oO ? ^^
LiphStylez's avatar
sieht ganz gut aus aber unten der geblurrte teil gefällt mir überhaupt nicht
Free-Styler's avatar
maybe it's a little too blurry, but it's realy great!! good job!
nice lol looks kinda like the unreal marker thingy lol
vno21's avatar
P-Seraphic's avatar
id say its a little oversharpened and a little too dark too, apart from that, nice job ;)
Exhale-NL's avatar
still has those yuckie edges on the renders and most of the renders are low quality (well that's how they look). Could have been much better if you had taken more time mate.
R3veal's avatar
looks very the renders :)
crump3t's avatar
yeah, thats very vincent style ;)

but you did it well.. nice work :)
Jaxles's avatar
Oh snap dude, that's awesome. :+fav:
BrokeNFaitHExE's avatar
sexy renders
i need this materials :P
rust1477's avatar
great shit here man! the renders on either side of the image fuckin rawk. but the one in the middle seems a little too bright and out of place, it kinda hurts the overall vibe of the picutre. keep this shit up!!
funktions's avatar
the main render or that thing that shoots the ray doesnt look so cool, but the rest is awesome
n3v32bu2n's avatar
Awesome looking renders.
Sk8rdude2's avatar
Very nice, I like :strip:
steveat's avatar
wow,haste sehr schön hinbekommen
auf jedemfall ein sein +fav wert ;-)

ke-no-tenshi's avatar
Woaw, really good !!! +fav !!! keep it up ;)
en-tyrael's avatar
Hmmm not sure with this.. where's the other pic? Looked so good =) But a great beginning of a new style for u my friend!
sloompy's avatar
awesome strutural renders, but need some lights bro ;)
EntertheMonkey's avatar
Ive been waiting to see this scince you mentioned the architechtural abs. great job man.
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