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mhhh, i have a broken shoulder,and can hardly use the computer! never the less i produced this, since i may not be able to make art for some time. enjoy this one :)
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your renders are fuckin sweet
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pas mal du tout ta compo :) bonne continuation
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damn this is good
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this is awsome, really nice renders. Though, I thing you could have made the light a little brighter, still it's superb. :)
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Very ambitious, maybe a little too much.
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really nice work dude!
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the lightings make me sick man, imo you should remove them - they don't add much to the picture :)

anyway I love the rest, great job
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I really like the ennergy coming out of the middle and the depth of feild really adds to the image. Great job man. =D
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tight work man, nice render, good luck with your shoulder :thumbsup:
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Love the model. But, maybe it could be better quality.
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The main 3d model is really amazing. I love the detail and the crisp, real look it has.
Colors fit really well too. Great work!
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Great piece.
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Awesome, and... broken shoulder? OWCH!!
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This is awesome, so much detail...well done.
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Sorry to hear about your shoulder and I hope you get better soon

Now on to the scene.
This is some amazing modeling and scene setup.
Excellent work. :)
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sieht echt geil aus alter...gebäude gefaällt mir total aber ich finde der shouttle machts bissle kapuut..aber trotzdem :+fav:
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nice dude...i like the blur effect
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nice very nice
the airplane is superbbbbb

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heh nice atmosphere ;)
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Reminds me of `niteangel's work, and believe me THAT is a compliment.

Excellent work dude. I think if you posted a tutorial on how you did this piece a lot of people would worship you.

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wo-ho! thats marvellous... the details are incredible. great stuff!
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