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Longing For An Angel

.collab with exhale

Use Ur Imagination
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You. Are amazing
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Found the angel yet?
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working on it :)
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by the way...when I look at this closely, there appears to be something on one of those branches. I don't know if it's just supposed to be a flower or smth...but it you could tell me I'd appreciate it...I just can't see :(
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it was supposed to be a dragon with a sword in its neck.. but but i kinda failed in painting it^^
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ahh, it happens to the best of us I'm afraid :/
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Jack and the beanstalk.
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u got the basic idea^^
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Wow! Imppresive sky! Excellent!
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FUCK, amazing work man
I got fav nr. 300 w00t!
awesome job i love it
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I pooped myself. For reals. +fav!
a... w... w... +FAV!!! droolage mate!
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incredible, post work is sex
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Hey bud,

This work is stunning, really love the detail.

The vision you guys have together is awesome.

Really cant wait to see more!

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I love the textures and how neat it is... the same with your DDA.. congratulations!
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thank you for that :) sry for the late reply
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the trouble with good art is that you have to scroll down for a few minutes to write a comment...usually a give up...but i will make an expeption in your case...... my mind boggles as to how you did this wonderfull beautifull creative great picture.... wow.... :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :deviation: :deviation: :deviation:
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thank you. sry for late reply
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