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Deep Under Heaven
where no sun may shine
a light has brightnened the dark
Believe it

This work here, means allot to me! cause it represents the times when problems just overrole me, and then I think of hope, and this helpes me to persevere!

A big thx to ~bxirk, who helped me to find a new style of abstract art! And ~ recrush who helped me with providing me some tipps!
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Comments and favs are welcome, but if not no problem, cause i luv the work and if u dont ur thing :)
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Great work, even greater what it stands for...
I get it I think wow
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This is beautiful!~
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Great Picture i Really appreciated the idea of it in which it strives

the way you represented it too is intresting the fact you give a emotions or a idea a forms of its own
and that the way you make it seem like its spreading across the reaches of the world almost like
a virus because it only takes one person and the idea of hope to spread it causeing
a change reaction in which it strives humanity to go forward
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To me thats symbolises how i feel when it comes to 'love'. (Your drawing is similar to how i felt before when the person i like is next to me, my first crush -to be exact>"< . xD lol My swear i get this thing in my chest like your lighting drawing -w-) Hopefully you'll be glad to know I played it cool :p)
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Fantastic! I love doing poetry and this is just the kind of thing that sets off a spark!

Strong and fast,
A blinding spark,
Too much to last,
From darkest depths where tears are wept,
Hope reaches up just soon enough to catch me on the edge,
And I strike with all my heart a light,
Full of the thoughts that keep me warm at night,
To create my own form of hope,
My own inspiration,
That is my light,
My only salvation

Yes! It was a little shaky in the beginning, but I like this one! So watching you :XD:!
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Hope is the only universal liar who never loses his reputation for veracity.
Wow, it kind of reminds me of shattering glass.
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I wish I could die like that. Struck by lightning. It's kind of beautiful, isn't it?
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This is great. :)
Beautiful caption, Beautiful art piece.
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Wow, awesome! :+fav:!
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this is so awesome
i love it
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Brilliant. I love how powerfully the hope is impacting despair, if I'm interpreting it right.
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beautiful thought, awsome image !
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There's so much in this single work... congrats.
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Hi, your art was featured in new Fridaylicious article: [link]

Hugs, Justa :)
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Awesome! I love it!
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