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*l1b3rat3 vs. ~Syntik

Yeah, this is our collab and we worked ages on it! We really hope you enjoy this. Cause we really think its sexeh!!

:+fav: comments & constructive critism is very welcome :D


Syntik & l1b3rat3
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Daegher's avatar
Incredible! Awesome!
FSDown's avatar
That, is, AMAZING! I love it m8 :+fav: :D
abhimanyughoshal's avatar
great stuff... love the details. Good job!
rust1477's avatar
great work with the brushing!! but the render and the 2d look a little too commonplace for my liking. great work otherwise guys
k3m's avatar
some apophysis here right?
Free-Styler's avatar
excellent work, realy kickass brushing :p
also like the collors
steveat's avatar
greet work
render and brushing very beautiful,and the colors :eyepopping:
+fav for this nice collab
StefanZ's avatar
very nice.. good render and very good brushing.. like your style! keep the good work up! :-)
rOrtes's avatar
i like this, especialy core
colma's avatar
this is awesome...the depth is great and I am in awe at the brushing :+fav: for sure^^ :D
illusion04's avatar
great brushing man
LightzNY's avatar
Nice brushing, the render and 2d aren't bad. Don't like the font very much...
aarora's avatar
Looks very cool, i like the brushing and great color. Nice job.
BananaSlurpee's avatar
fuck. That's incredible. :+fav:
Bash87's avatar
thats awesome work!
Debaser2020's avatar
Wow it looks like two giant space crystal thingys fusing together in a massive colision. Alot of detail amazing work.
cyberzon's avatar
hmm.... i realy like some of the brushwork ,, but I think u guys could make it better
crump3t's avatar
the render is a bit standard, but the brushing is beautiful.. great work!
JawKAtaNa's avatar
amazing lighting and detailed brushing, the render is absolutly amazing by itselft and the depth is just phenomenal. :D good work you too, very nice :D
Asuki's avatar
i love it , sooo much depth and the render is awsome
alyn's avatar
that is one incredible piece you two have pulled off here :+fav:
skillzilla's avatar
great job guys... The brushing and the 2D are awesome.

I :+fav: it allready, a few hours ago... Keep em' coming :) !
illoS's avatar
Brushing is good

Everything else I don't like very much
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