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Abstract Brushing Part 1-2

Well, many people asked me for an addition to my old tutorial, mhh here it is. This walkthrough covers the basics of how to create, very nice looking detailed brushes, which can be used for abstract works etc. The tutorial also covers how to put some nice colour and contrast on the brush through the color balance.

Well Enjoy
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nice tut ... thx alot
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:omg: :lick: omg so awesome. I'm favoriting
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great tut. now just need to make a c4d!
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Very very helpful muchos gracias
Thrassh's avatar
Great tutorial :+fav:
talflick's avatar
amazing tut
and made some brushes, you can check them out if you like..... there's eight demo brushes until i can make more. I need someone to make a really 1337 image to showcase them.... you probably wouldn't be interested in that though :(
bansheegrrl's avatar
this was awesome!
iDoux's avatar
very useful for me
StreetSurfer's avatar
Thanks man for the tut,its realy helpfull.
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Nice one man :D +Fav !
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Wonderful, I loved how easy the brushes were to make and how fantastic they turned out :) +fav
You ever thought bout playing God? you'd be a preety good one..
Syntik's avatar
heheheh lol ;P
Ideaz's avatar
awsome work Duality
Davoli's avatar new wall it will be based on this tut ... :+fav: ( i will submit it on november 9 ) :)
who niec tut man i while you it in my next sig and i while :fav:
The-Pr0digy's avatar
Thanks a bunch for making these tutorials, i was having a hard time finding a good tutorial showing how to make this effect. This tutorial is very easy to follow and have a very nice look when you are done thanks a bunch!
Joker-Trotter's avatar
Very nice tutorial. Helped me out in making my own brushes.

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+ed! Awsome tut!
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kool, nice tutorial, this well help. :) keep up the good work :+fav:
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ok, so this is for cloudy motion adn such but can u make a tut for the electricity?

or have you already and i just haven't looked at ur gallery ?
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same here, I can't full view this. Also, this is not the only one I can't full view, there's a couple of other more.
i am unable to view the large version of this, any suggestions?
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