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11-09-2021 Ink sketch

I am back from my workshop-trip! My brain is overloaded with information. I will try and sort through all the cool things and hopefully you can see it in my art.

One unplanned thing I learned was Clipstudio. I forgot my Wacom pen and therefore worked on the GalaxyTab S7 only. Since csp is the best app for android I had two weeks of beeing forced to work with it. XD after hating it at first I have warmed up to it now. I especially love this inking brush <3

More Updates soon!
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Clip Studio Paint is amazing! I recently moved over to csp after using PS for a number of years. I love the way it handles brushes, specially the pencil brushes to create that organic sketch look!

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yes! And the vector layers??! like whaaaaat? Have you tried them?

PS is so behind when it comes to drawing features (they still focus on photomanipulation I guess)

Although it's also confusing... I am still experimenting alot with the brush-options :D

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I haven't used the vector features yet, but when I do I know it's going to be a useful utility when designing logos. :D

PS has been behind even since the days of SAI when using stabilizers for line quality. I'm about to purchase an alternative to photo editing called Affinity Photo which doesn't have subscription fees for desktop. Once that's done I'm dropping PS.

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I don't think csps vector layer can be exported though.

I can really recommend affinity designer/publisher I use those for my freelance work like flyers/logos ect. Never tried the photo thing though, since the beta was horrible for drawingI stuck with PS there. and yess SAI also had the view-mirroring feature that PS only just got haha. It was ahead of it' time in so many ways ^^

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Well I'm about to find out if there have been improvements to Affinity Photo. I looked at recent tutorials and reviews for the software and it appears to have had a facelift. Wish me luck!