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Applejack Angry

By Synthrid
Applejack from Season 2 Episode 23 [link]

I'm learning to use Inkscape! I'm still new to this so if you spot any mistakes or have tips please let me know.

Please use this vector! That is why I made it.

.SVG [link]

Using color guide by :iconkefkafloyd:

Applejack (C) :iconfyre-flye: / Hasbro
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[Silently judging you]
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Kevin the Changeling: [Winces, his ears drooping] "But I haven't done anything yet..."
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[Glare of judgement intensifies]
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Leech the Changeling Colt: [Cringes] "Please don't hit me..."
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[Applejack's eyes began to glow red with the heat of judgement...]
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Kevin: :fear: "Yipe! Sorry kid, you're on your own!" [Flys off, leaving poor scrawny Leech alone with the incensed Applejack]

Leech: [Trembling, tearing up out of fear] "Am I gonna get beat up?"
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[Applejack's Eyes of Judgement is reaching maximum power, glowing so bright it's drowning out all features on her face and setting grass near her on fire...]
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Applebloom: [Holds up a mirror to AJ's face]
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That fucking face when Applejack had been answered by Tubguy wanting her to do something that's deemed inappropriate, like hopping into his tub with him, LOL.
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some tree gonna get a buck today
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she caught me looking at her plot XD
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Heya, just wanted you to know, that I used you vector for the thumbnail of my video:…

Kepe up the good work :D
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Awesome! Thank you very much :)
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That part was so heartbreaking! :(
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Please don't hate Applebloom, she is part of your Ohana.
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I was wondering if I could make this a base? I will give full credit of course!
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When you see her like that. Run to the nearest M1 Abrams.
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Used in an album cover: [link]
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Awesome, I like that CD shaped wear and tear!
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