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New York After Disaster

Here's a crossover of my dreams.
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Yeah, awesome crossover!
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Wow this is beautiful :D I wish I could favor this a billion times.

The crossover of my dreams would be Thundarr The Barbarian, Conan The Adventurer and Pirates Of Dark Water with a lot of Thundarr and Ariel, Conan and Jezmine and Ren and Tula smut thrown in :D
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Lovely notion, and a great pic. Not sure Planet of the Apes works with Thundarr, which is sad since both Thundarr and Planet of the Apes work with Kamandi on their own. (With a Jack Kirby setting, it's always OK to dial up the weird stuff to 11 in  a way that doesn't entirely work with Dr. Zaius and Charlton Heston). 
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wow, you have them all there.
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Somehow, Charlton Heston looks even more bad-ass, if that was even possible.
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POTA but who are the others? Love everything I'm seeing i need a tablet stat
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That is badass!
This cool in a thousand way!
kamandi & thundar on the planet of the apes :)
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Only original characters for the time being. I'll get back to fanart eventually but I have a bunch of ideas I want to explore at the moment.
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DAMNNNNNNN!! Love this set of random creatures!!! :thumbsup: :worship:
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You're welcome
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Wow...what an awesome idea! And it COULD happen!!!! Thanks for posting this great work of yours!
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