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WOW!! :omfg: love it!
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*slams his face in it*
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now that's a cheeky wondy :heart:
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Yay! Wonder Woman stuff!
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I love the combination of line weights you get with your brush.  Controlled chaos and it's sexy.
synthetikxs's avatar
vielen danke amigo!!
GHENGIZZ's avatar
This wouldn't happen to be based off of… would it?
synthetikxs's avatar's based on a pic of one of the models from the m.e.t. site...i changed her body from profile to 3/4 and modified boobs/arms and hair a bit...lovely girl..
...the pic of denise is hot though!
GHENGIZZ's avatar
Yeah! Although personally, my choice for a live action Wonder Woman would be this gal!:jessica lowndes instagram
Lanif-Angelkiss's avatar
Fantastic work on the lines! <3 I miss classic wonder woman :(
synthetikxs's avatar
I hear ya,,,I have no idea what they're doing now...stopped paying attention when they put pants on her...
Lanif-Angelkiss's avatar
Ooooh, they did so much worse... :(… she looks like a completely different character :(
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the pc police raeped her....
the funny thing is: when she was still "sexy" she did more to cultivate males who worship strong women than all of this "rightthink" ever could...
all this pc crap is leading to a scriptflip backlash...
fine with me,,
gives us more stuff to play with...
Lanif-Angelkiss's avatar
Yeah, I've always loved strong, sexy woman like her and Psylocke and all the others, but sadly the comic industry is slowly getting corrupted by the PC and "feminism".

And speaking of Backlash, GOD i love your character! I really do hope you make a comic series out of her! I would buy it in a snap! <3
synthetikxs's avatar
not so slowly..full on train wreck of pc culture run amok
..guess she needs to make a comeback!
Lanif-Angelkiss's avatar
That she definitely does! Is there any more comics of Backlash?
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I LOVE classic Wonder Woman! She's GREAT!
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Cranberrylan's avatar
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