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Reminds me of some of the older comic pages, where you could actually see 'comic code approved' nipples; i.e., her 'suit' was more body paint than cloth :-)
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few people render the female form as finely as you. you make me want to sculpt! 
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way too kind; but I'll take it!!
..did a bit of sculpting back in the should play with it: it's a gas..[and helps with drawing too!! gives a more 3d mentality to your pov...I need to do more too!!!]
-peace+B wylde
synthetikxs's avatar
that spider woman piece looks like it was fun!!!
diggin the pov
lenlenlen1's avatar
I thought you might like that. LOL
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What a great angle!
synthetikxs's avatar
...awesome bod on the model it was based on...
I wuz like dayummm...i gots to jizzfrizz this ms!
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gits the ole spidey sense all antingle and whatnot
Kaedegirl's avatar
the angle is perfect :p I like her classic costume to be very honest :p  (I like Kris Anka's redesign's too, but I love her original outfit more) 
she's gorgeous :heart: it's good to see ya again :D
synthetikxs's avatar
haven't seen the redesign....but i always dig red latex!!
salute miss kaedegirl
Kaedegirl's avatar
it's nice and practical!! I'm not saying it isn't. but I like the original one :p I salute you my dear :heart:
Snigom's avatar
Awesome sauce!  Maybe they should ask you to do the next cover!
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ps:...feel free to speak your mind....ain't that what we iz all here 4?
..seeing all the mad talent up in here from neophytes and noobs to pros and hobbiests really makes the mainstream publishers look bad.... comparing the mediocre nonsense they are pushing to the crazy talent they have to pick from is pathetic..
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Gotcha, I was more referring to posting links of my works in your thread that should be more about the orgasmic render of Spider Woman ;)
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whats wrong with posting links to yo shizznit?
feel free...
this ain't my house
as far as i see, we are using 
"their" auditorium to pahrtay!
so: git on down and pahrtay!
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I always knew you were cool :)
synthetikxs's avatar
dats right..yes i iz a cool mufugga..
[well, maybe when no one iz lookin
the rest of time is better not spoken about to avoid embarrassment.....]
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