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I am known by multiple names. My real name is Dylan Hulen, but call me Crystal. I rather be associated with my feminine side more than the real me. I am a blast to be with, even in RP. So drop a comment or note for more. <3
If you have an Xbox One, hit me up a friend request at SyntheticRaptor.


dA Family (Of those that still care)


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Dylan Hulen
United States
Avatar was created by itsuko103… over on FurAffinity… and the ID was created by Dragonkitten555

(Both the Steam ID and dA profile pic are from my friend's drawing of my Raptor Fursona)

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Top PS4, bottom Xbox One

"Original Characters are characters created by a fan or an independent author. "OCs" can be borrowed from a source media or purely original from the creator's mind. Alot of times OCs are just traced over or re-colored. Those are considered bad OCs. But a true author would go to the lengths to use a model, still say where it came from while respecting the original creators, and then add a different personalty. If you have an OC you care about then copy and paste this onto your page if you believe all OCs are created equal, no matter their origins. But again its very true its horrible to trace and/or recolor an existing character such as Sonic or Mario characters." ~Shirai-Ryu-Pikachu~

"There aren't very many heroes these days. Who is out there to inspire us with a personal example of virtue and self-sacrifice in the name of a higher good? Who can we look up to? Business leaders? Sports figures? Politicians? Celebrities? Heck, we're lucky if they don't end up in prison!" ~Calvin & Hobbes~

"History may brand me traitor, rebel, or renegade. But in the end, it doesn't matter how history remembers me. What matters, is that I followed my own creed."
~Shay Patrick Cormac - Assassin's Creed: Rogue~.

"Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent. Hide in plain sight. Never compromise the Brotherhood. Nothing is true, everything is permitted." To say that nothing is true, is to realize that the foundations of society are fragile, and that we must be the shepherds of our own civilization. To say that everything is permitted, is to understand that we are the architects of our actions, and that we must live with their consequences, whether glorious or tragic.
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I am the lead composer for both Pokemon Redemption and Pokemon Dark Grey, so far just the battle themes were the only ones updated, no word yet if :icongarchompking-x: (or GarchompKing56 on youtube) is gonna keep all the routes and stuff, I know I did the PokeCenter theme so far. So, its gonna take awhile. He has decided to make his own engine for the game.

Steam account:…

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R.I.P Wiskers: 1995-2013
She was put down at the age of 18 (86 in cat years).
Wiskers shall always be in my heart.
I will always miss my kitty cat.




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EYYYY SHE GOT INTO ONE OF THEM FINALLY! Just know that this is the Japanese Trailer, and she might be for another update for Western Release. She's one step closer to be put into Dissidia Final Fantasy NT!

Crystal says Hi from my mind!

She would like to lick you~.

Hydra TFTG me RP

Tue Sep 25, 2018, 9:19 PM

I just got back into this again, and I like for this to be done to me if that's alright. I like for it to be similar to this image… if not just normal TFTG, not dick-girl. Either or, but I like for it to be like focused for me so the hydras can influence me to act like them, becoming like them and basically either be slutty or sexual.

Crystal says Hi from my mind!

She would like to lick you~.

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To give enough time, I’ll skim ahead a bit after the meeting with the Scions.

Welcome back to A Realm Retold - Rin's Story Part 2. If you haven't read Part 1, its here.

Part 2: The Lord of the Inferno

Upon meeting with the Scions of the 7th Dawn, she was then asked to join them on the spot, she given the members a show of interest mainly from Minfilia, the Antecedent or acting guidance for the Scions. Though one thing she learned from speaking with the Scions, she possessed the Echo, a type of power that was given to her from the goddess Hydaelyn, which in turn made her a chosen one and a Warrior of Light for a title. She was stricken with shyness and asked why she was chosen, when she didn’t remember how she even gotten here or where she lived. Thancred then proceeded to tell Minfilia about the state he found her in, which made Minfila sad for Rin, which she expressed it by telling her maybe staying with them and helping them out will unlock a few memories, as not many Xaela Au Ra leave Doma. Rin agreed to be a member of the Scions to continue her quest to unlock her memories and see about the Primal Threat. During this time, Rin gave up the sword and shield for the magic of the books wielded by Arcanists, as she fancied magic better than being the center of attention.

(Just imagine the Ifrit cutscene music here, can’t seem to find it) 

A couple of weeks later, Rin and Thancred caught wind of the Amalji’aa abducting people, and upon laying the ambush, Rin and her Flame ambush was then ambushed by the Amalji’aa. There was a mole in her group, though her group dispatched them easily but lost mostly everyone. The traitor was about to kill a private before using magic to knock out Rin, as they bring all of the captured Flame troops and Rin to a calling site of Ifrit, their Lord of the Inferno. Rin had never seen a primal upclose and alive in her life, which she was at first scared to fight it. As the primal raise its head, it called out to the flame soldiers, Rin and the traitors.

Pitiful children of man! By my breath I claim you! Arise once more as my loyal minions! Feed my flames with your faith…and all who stand against us shall burn!

Rin didn’t like the primal’s words at all, as he breathes blue flames at the group….however she doesn’t burn. Surprised, she hears the Flames captain speak to Ifrit as “The one true god”. She looks to one of the beast tribe, as she grits her teeth, upset at what has transpired.

W-What has happened to them?” She asks it, as the creature growls.

Impossible! By what sorcery do you resist my master’s will?!” The creature then ponders, as the other members are worried over who or what is Rin. “Could it be….your soul already belongs to another?! Yes, that is the only explanation!” Shocked at what they theorized, they including the mind controlled soldiers and traitors retreat a few feet slowly as Ifrit, clearly upset at this, roars.

Forsooth, thy frail mortal frame can serve a vessel to the blessing of but One. Yet I smell not the taint of another upon thee…The truth of thine allegiance waxeth clear-thou art of the godless blessed’s number. The Paragons of thine abhorrent kind. Thine existence is not to be suffered!

As quickly as he growled, Ifrit slams onto the ground, summoning a ring of fire to trap Rin inside for a duel. She gasps and pulls out her book.

I guess I have no choice. Hydaelyn…please be my guide!” She says as she summons her carbuncle and begins to battle Ifrit.

 (Prelude to her main theme in Stormblood: “Preludio a Rivoluzione”, Prelude to Revolution“, music belongs to Nick O'Brien)

After the battle, she finds herself exhausted and her carbuncle retreated back into her book. She then stumbles over to see a red crystal, curious in its origins she picks it up. A flash of light revealed as she is back in the light where she found the first crystal of Hydaelyn, showing she found 2. Speechless of what she just saw…Thancred rushes up to reveal he was late to the fight, just hearing that she was captured. “Took your time, did you Thancred?” She asks, cocking a smile as he chuckles. “I was delayed by a congregation of Amalj’aa zealots. I swear, each seemed more evangelical the last.” He said, looking overyonder at the group that lost their influence by the primal. “I see the Bloodsworn wasted no time extracting the captives. No less than I’d expect from the Flame General’s handpicked men. As for those two…I fair say their hardships have only just begun. They have MUCH to answer for. I feel I owe you an apology, Rin. Had I known this mission would prove so dangerous, I would have never left you to face it alone. You have been given a veritable baptism of fire.” Rin shakes her head, blushing softly. “There’s no need. I dare say I had it under control. He had no hold over me, and I swiftly defeated him.” Thancred nods. “Let’s continue this conversation in more agreeable surrounds, like Camp Drybone, mayhaps?” Rin nods and follows Thancred, as a looming Imperial shadow watches from the higher cliff side. Back at the Waking Sands, Thancred explains that his tardiness almost cost Rin her life and made her a prisoner of the Amalj’aa, which she tries to say it wasn’t all his fault. “And yes…by some miracle…she survived. But that does not excuse the fact that she should never have had to face such dangers alone. I failed her utterly…As I had failed you…” Minfilia looks to Thancred kindly but also worriedly. “Thancred…what’s done is done. You can ill blame yourself for every-” At this moment, Rin enters the office as Minfilia smiles. “Rin! It is so good to see you again! Thancred has told me everything. You have done well to return to us, safe.” She nods as when she asks why was she spared of not succumbing to the Primal’s willpower, Minfilia explains that its because of her power, the Echo. Though they don’t know why, they know that it makes them immune to their influence, making their battle with the primal easier. Minfilia then proceeds to ask if Rin had remembered anything lately, and to no anvil she tells Rin to take a break, and continue her training in the Arcanist guild for the time being. However, Thancred pulls her to the side, saying that at least be heard from one of them. The flames with her had been put to death, due to their commitment of being true to their nation, and not bow to another god, influenced or not. He then asks if she would continue with them, that no more innocents need be sacrificed. Rin nods and says of course she will, and that she has no where else to go. Thancred smiles and chuckles, before saying his goodbyes for now.


Sneak Peak at Part 3: The Ultima Weapon Absorbs the Lady of the Vortex

Crystal says Hi from my mind!

She would like to lick you~.

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Crystal says Hi from my mind!

She would like to lick you~.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey is looking fine...if you weren't into the original Assassin's Creed. Let me break it down a bit to help you understand:

Assassin's Creed started as a historical stealth combat based game similar to that of a melee version of Metal Gear Solid. I understand games evolved from the early 2000s, but I am worried about my favorite white hooded assassins assassinating templars and guards to rescue civilians. Ever since Assassin's Creed Origins, which is a good game mind you none the less, the RPG mechanics of Origins was worrying me. To the point where they revealed Assassin's Creed Odyssey, where they removed everything about The Assassin's and Templars for more relate-able and approachable scenario that would of been based better in a Witcher/Dark Souls like game. As in you're playing Assassin's Creed....that has nothing to do with the Assassin's Creed. I'm sure Odyssey will do well, but I don't want this to be the main face of Assassin's Creed when its roots were something completely different and actually related to its title and foundation. Origins has the origins of the Assassin's Brotherhood as "The Hidden Ones", which I loved, however Odyssey takes place way before Origins and doesn't offer ANY relation so far to the Assassins/Hidden Ones or Templars/Ancients. I don't mind Ubisoft making their own RPG series like Odyssey, but please keep Assassin's Creed Assassin's Creed like it always been please? Its the story, not the RPG system, that is feeling like the game is taking the wrong direction for what it was built upon. A Roman soldier.....related to Leonidas....who doesn't use a hidden blade but his spear tip as the hidden blade...its a cop-out.

If Odyssey is the end of the Assassin's Creed as a series stable of White Hoods with Hidden Blades to some Soldier that acts like a RPG character straight out of Witcher....then I pray for its death to be memorable than driven into the ground to "make the new generation happy by copying what was good during the 2010s".        

Crystal says Hi from my mind!

She would like to lick you~.

Should Nintendo just give in and STOP making consoles? 

11 deviants said No (Give a reason)
9 deviants said I don't really care for Nintendo Consoles that well..
1 deviant said Yes (Give a reason)


Oct 18, 2018
12:18 am
Oct 16, 2018
9:11 pm
Oct 14, 2018
2:55 pm
Oct 13, 2018
9:00 pm
Oct 13, 2018
6:26 pm

Should Nintendo just give in and STOP making consoles? 

11 deviants said No (Give a reason)
9 deviants said I don't really care for Nintendo Consoles that well..
1 deviant said Yes (Give a reason)




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