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Celamowari asked me in April to do a pic of the fabulous four ladies in the vein of the original picture I posted of them back in the days. It took awhile with the end of my school year, phx comic-con, and catching up on [link] but I got it done!

It was really a joy to revisit these ladies, they had gotten me out of a terrible art rut a few years back and there really is a special place in my heart for them. Especially since a lot of art I'm seeing with them has been based off the designs I drew of them from celamowari's original drawings.

I also stole the colors from the amazing Miss KabukiKatze and I admit this unabashedly. Her drawings from my foundation have really rounded out these characters.

Celamowari assures me he loves it and told me to post it everywhere so I am :)
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I DO love it. I love that it traces how far both your art and these characters have come in the past five years. You helped make Firegirl what she is today, and convinced me that Amazing Girl and Muscle Woman had potential. Plus, you made Shelly cute and gun-toting simultaneously. Good times, good times. :D

I know how much you love these characters, and it was a pleasure to have you revisit them. I know it wasn't as easy to get it done, but I'm glad it was rewarding all the same. :highfive: