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Hollow Twins by SyntheticDarkness58 Hollow Twins :iconsyntheticdarkness58:SyntheticDarkness58 1 0
Acceptance Letter
    Dear Miss Genesis Pierce,
    We are pleased to inform you and your family that you have been accepted to the Ellenor Diah Institution of Learning and Training.  Please gather the requires supplies enclosed in this letter and be on campus by no later than August 22nd.  
    Belle Verona
Deputy Headmistress of Ellenor Diah Institution of Learning and Training

    My mother was in tears, and my father could do nothing but look horrified at the slip of paper while he held her and tried to console her.  I had been chosen.  Only a handful of us graduating students were chosen.  But I had been chosen.  The Diah Institution was like a college, or university, a higher education, if you will.  Every year cities sent their best students to Diahs and those students would compete against the students of other cities.  At the end of their education whoever was left standing received
:iconsyntheticdarkness58:SyntheticDarkness58 1 0
Pray For A Soul
I lived upon my name since I was two;
On Melissa Street, Arlington, Texas.
Memories whisper to my life askew;
Drawing me into this wretched nexus.
Life is not bright and I learned it early.
Smiles that are staged in my gray photographs,
But I remember the world was surly.
Though my smiles were true, my mind was at half's
Wit.  Dull and painful did I live my lie,
Ever seeing good that did not exist.
I refused to see, truth I did deny.
Never was I loved, never was I missed.
Live this life and live it until the end;
Flowing endlessly down a river bend;
In hopes you will find someone to befriend;
Careful with your words and what you intend.
I was raised with a ghastly knife to twist,
Raised with plenty reason to want to die.
However, with my life I did persist,
Now I promise to never say 'goodbye'.
Devoting myself to having good laughs,
This turns my life rather pink and girlie.
And always sticking true to my pure crafts,
And I keep my life looking quite pearly.
Happily I gander,
:iconsyntheticdarkness58:SyntheticDarkness58 0 0
We Think You're A Joke by SyntheticDarkness58 We Think You're A Joke :iconsyntheticdarkness58:SyntheticDarkness58 0 0 Yellow Dress 14 by SyntheticDarkness58 Yellow Dress 14 :iconsyntheticdarkness58:SyntheticDarkness58 2 1 Yellow Dress 13 by SyntheticDarkness58 Yellow Dress 13 :iconsyntheticdarkness58:SyntheticDarkness58 1 38 Yellow Dress 11 by SyntheticDarkness58 Yellow Dress 11 :iconsyntheticdarkness58:SyntheticDarkness58 2 1 Yellow Dress 5 by SyntheticDarkness58 Yellow Dress 5 :iconsyntheticdarkness58:SyntheticDarkness58 3 6
Wishing On Scars
Wishing on scars
     and stars
that both shoot across pale surfaces
lets make these moments last because
     its with you.
With hopeful wishes
     and prayers
that are both sent upon scars and stars
lets hush our voices and just be together,
     I'm yours.
And her eyes, how blue
     and beautiful
they look at me and I have to look away
the pain i see there hurts me too,
     she's mine.
I wonder the future
     though I know
I want her in mine, I want her by my side
and I hope she wants me by her side too,
     I'll buy the ring.
I want to forget the past
     so she'll never hurt
I can't look at her pain and do nothing
my actions will speak more volume
     than my words.
I look at my scars
     and at hers
:iconsyntheticdarkness58:SyntheticDarkness58 1 2
Mature content
Scared Perfection :iconsyntheticdarkness58:SyntheticDarkness58 2 0
Death to Beauty by SyntheticDarkness58 Death to Beauty :iconsyntheticdarkness58:SyntheticDarkness58 0 3 Look Away From What You See by SyntheticDarkness58 Look Away From What You See :iconsyntheticdarkness58:SyntheticDarkness58 0 0 A touch of skin by SyntheticDarkness58 A touch of skin :iconsyntheticdarkness58:SyntheticDarkness58 0 9
Mature content
Creative Writing - 4 :iconsyntheticdarkness58:SyntheticDarkness58 0 0
Creative Writing - 3
Jacklyn, run; faster, run faster.  You'll be left behind, Jack, run faster.  Come on, we don't have time for this, so run faster.  Oh good, she's running quicker, thats a good girl.  We don't have time for fear to slow you down, its got to make you move.  Remember Knightly and Matty-Boy?  Remember, fear is your friend when you feel it, act?  But you don't remember.  Don't let the crowds of this market place slow you down.  Don't be afraid, you can catch up, you're strong and able.  Move, Jack, you're dragging behind, you're dragging your limbs, you can't do this, Jack, are you listening?  No, you're not, no one hears angel voices, but you want to?  Hear her voice, just once, you're mother's voice?
Look, Jack, there he is!
          Wait, come back, James!
Isn't that what you want to say?
:iconsyntheticdarkness58:SyntheticDarkness58 1 0
Creative Writing - 2
A melody hummed through Analise's fingers.  Soon she'd leave this wretched world filled with the taste of vomit, for another, a much better world.  At first her fingers stumbled across the keys, but she enjoyed the sound, the sound of her dreams expanding.  Then she was on a stage, oh how she did look with her red hair pulled back and her long pale hands caressing the keys.  She could leave behind her troubles and watch them float away on clouds of notes.  In this world she hadn't been raped by drunken men of her family, a flower with its petals ripped from the stem.  And in this world she wasn't with child either.  She could feel, rather than hear, the voices of those Blair woman who came before her.  They whispered strength into her ears, caressed her, their many hands flowing over her shoulders protectively as she tilted her face into their grasp.  Then upon the stage she was with them, togethe
:iconsyntheticdarkness58:SyntheticDarkness58 0 5


Hummingbird by MordsithCara Hummingbird :iconmordsithcara:MordsithCara 19 4 Domme 2 by MordsithCara
Mature content
Domme 2 :iconmordsithcara:MordsithCara 112 5
Mic by MordsithCara Mic :iconmordsithcara:MordsithCara 70 3 Transmission Start by MordsithCara Transmission Start :iconmordsithcara:MordsithCara 137 7 Domme 3 by MordsithCara
Mature content
Domme 3 :iconmordsithcara:MordsithCara 118 3
Adhere 2 by MordsithCara Adhere 2 :iconmordsithcara:MordsithCara 110 5 Adhere 3 by MordsithCara Adhere 3 :iconmordsithcara:MordsithCara 124 6 Adhere 4 by MordsithCara Adhere 4 :iconmordsithcara:MordsithCara 114 13 Home is... by MordsithCara Home is... :iconmordsithcara:MordsithCara 65 14 Shit Happens by MordsithCara Shit Happens :iconmordsithcara:MordsithCara 20 2 These Foolish Things 11 by MordsithCara These Foolish Things 11 :iconmordsithcara:MordsithCara 28 0 In Silence by MordsithCara
Mature content
In Silence :iconmordsithcara:MordsithCara 241 12
The Wind Gives Way by MordsithCara The Wind Gives Way :iconmordsithcara:MordsithCara 210 4 New Positions by MordsithCara New Positions :iconmordsithcara:MordsithCara 130 4 New Positions 2 by MordsithCara New Positions 2 :iconmordsithcara:MordsithCara 156 5


I decided to clean out my deviations, I want to start writing more, but it seems I just haven't the time, really.  I should make the time but that's easier said than done, y'know?

Anyway, a lot of the stuff on here was written in a really dark time in my life and so I just want to wipe the slate clean and start fresh.
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