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Yoga- Breathe

Prints available [link]

Second in my Yoga series the first one is here: [link]
When you have fibromyalgia, yoga can help keep you sane..

Charcoal, cotton buds, A4 paper, 3 hrs, my own reference.
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19Fred61's avatar
Great drawings !
PenDiablo's avatar
another artist friend says I should try some kind of meditation because I can never stay on one project without starting another and adding more and more until I burn out :p I like this though :)
arctic-ex's avatar
I'm tring to figure out why I like this portrait. Three hours is definately impressive :hug:
JecBro's avatar
this is really really well drawn. keep up the good work
Perfixel's avatar
well done .. the shades came out good .. i like it :)
keep it up :)
SDA-MessengersOracle's avatar
Woah, 3 hours?! :omfg: Very impressive! =D It's beautiful, the shading is so wonderfully done.
cojah's avatar
wow to both :)
gintmfgb's avatar
simonpark81's avatar
wow - amazing lighting and muscle definition - my hat is off to you!
Syntheta-NZ's avatar
Thankyou :) I have a friend who likes to sometimes announce at parties that the only person in the room with a six-pack is not a guy *facepalm*
simonpark81's avatar
amazing and true!
women tend to have more self control generally speaking i think.
Syntheta-NZ's avatar
o.O That seems kinda baseless.
simonpark81's avatar
I live in England, and here the 'larger' guys kinda outnumber everyone else? hey i dint say i have no self control, there are a lot of guys out there rockin beer bellies.
I ain't one of em, i'm a landscape gardner as well as an artist.
caddman's avatar
...Nice lights and darks in this pic are

well balanced...nice work...:heart:
Indigo-Images's avatar
really beautiful!
candysamuels's avatar
WOW!!!!! brilliant...
candysamuels's avatar
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