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Happy Trigger

It's been a long time, guys. :)
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This is incredibly detailed and amazing :wow:
melez102's avatar
Very creative, keep it on with this style. And get illustrator if you didn't yet. Keep it up
Synthastic's avatar
I should. I don't have the cash but I'll get it "one way or another".
ScentOfBlood's avatar
Very nice color selection; I like the pixelated effect contrasting with the smooth text. Verynice.
Synthastic's avatar
The text isn't visible enough if it's white. I should make it blue someday...
shk828's avatar
you should totally get illustrator
Synthastic's avatar
I should. I'll ask my warez-savvy azn friend. not you.
Synthastic's avatar
Not you either. :P
GamerWorld14's avatar
I agree those colors look awesome! :D The only suggestion I have would be to look for a different font, like some futuristic looking one or something. Great job though, I really enjoyed this one.
Synthastic's avatar
I'll probably just change the color of the text. Shiny's right, it doesn't fit very well.
Kemaru's avatar
Cool, I love the details and the colours. :+fav:
Kemaru's avatar
Name it Trigger Happy and it'll look 20 times better :lol:
Kemaru's avatar
Yeah, I kinda figured you would say that. :(
Synthastic's avatar
Yeah you'd think considering the expression IS "trigger happy", I'd have thought of it at least a little bit. :P
Mrshinyredplanet's avatar
I love the detail as well, aside from the text.
Synthastic's avatar
is there something wrong with the text?
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