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November 11, 2005
A synergy of code and art, 'Lift-Off' by ~synth-c is one of the best debut AVS packs ever... download it now! Requires Winamp 5 with the AVS visualizations plugin.
Featured by yathosho
Suggested by zen-x
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My debut pack, enjoy!

for the people new to AVS:
What is AVS?
How can I view them?: You can view the presets by downloading the installer and following it's instructions, then open winamp and doubleclick on the spectrum/oscilliscope, or by pressing contol+shift+k.
© 2005 - 2022 synth-c
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5th avs preset is what kills my winamp
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AVSTransAutomation plugin crashes my winamp over & over again :(
my favorite presets is
the construct
cold fusion
inverse eruption
pearl beats
ion core
glass peeks
feedback cube
Pack comment: wow, almost all are my favorite presets
01- Very unique building design in tunnel
02- Nice planet design
03- A tentacle preset using triangles, nice
04- Very unique volcano-spike design
05- Not too much nice fractal preset but hey not bad
06- Too fast DM-like 3D filter makes this as the number 1 preset in the pack
07- Not too complex as others but hey nice, you might saying, take a break
08- At first it looks like a can but now its a swirly tunnel can
09- Not using megabufs but still complex and nice
10- Very nice but nicer if you add unique tone (color white, inverted, additive blend) before invert.
11- A group of hexagons on triangle huh, convenient
12- Hexagon version of The Construct
13- Whoa, spiky preset, like in this album art
14- Arranging lines in superscoope, also convenient
15- In and out cube, really wow, but theres a bug here, sometimes, you cant really see it.
16- Line glow version of Pearl Beats. Hey, must call that spaghetti, didn't you?
17- That does look like your not using megabufs but you are using megabufs

Rating 4.75/5
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Nice. It looks great when listening to Drum n' Bass genre music. Very edgy and unique.
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Huh, Take this in Visbot 100!
Cold Fusion: Try without Mouse Control. You Found at Visbot 100
The Construct: Now, Without Insane Coding.
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kick ass, very orignal
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hm, im late but i still want to comment on this.

the construct:
i saw this before but i still like this one. just sometimes lines inside the visible area are skipped.

cold fusion:
also saw this before. i think its one of your best presets. everything fits toghether. colors are nice. good sound reaction. there are music and beat responding things...

hm, the triangle looks really good and smooth. i dont like that background very much tho.

Inverse Eruption:
just one triangle grid without any background. but imo thats absolutly enough in that case! what i like, is that some triangles are a bit brighter than the others and that its not that smooth. great music visualisation!

very stylish blob-preset. very nice colors. and yes, the movement could be a bit less jumpy

Another one of my favourites. really good music visualisation again. and i like the style of the preset

I think making a nice SAP is not easy. And this one looks pretty good imo.

Ion Core:
And another favourite. All the color schemes are good. great combination of all the different things here.

I dont like that one very much.

hm, i agree with pak-9 on the colors. the mouse control doesnt matter for me because i usually dont use it.

Again a good use of the triangle ape. the background fits perfectly and the music response is pretty good.

I like this one better than the construct. It is more music responsive and the lineskipping works better here.

Glass Peaks:
Just great. My favourite spectrum preset so far.

Toghether with PearlBeats this one is the best in your strange-attractors-series imho. OK it has no background but i dont think every preset needs one. This one doesnt look too empty for me. maybe you could move it a little bit towards the camera, that it fills the sceen more, or shorten the periods when its zoomed out.

First i thought: well, another inside-a-cube-preset. But then it moved out and.. wow.

hm, im not sure about this one. it looks good when the line is long enough. But it looks too similar to Clusterfuck, wich looks much better. I also cant notice any sound response and the camera seems to jump around sometimes.

looks like the thing in the middle of Cold fusion. But with all that glowing and colors it makes a really good preset.

Most of the presets are a great combination of colors, good coding and you didn't forget the music response. The fps is high enough for me in all of the presets. So,... you already have my +fav.
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This pack is absolutely astounding in its achievement. Sorry I didn't comment earlier, as I was dumbfounded. Congradulations on making one of the best packs in years.
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This is absolutely phenomenal. Nice job!
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even thought ive seen some of these presets before, it was a joy to see them again.
inverse eruption, pearl beats, ion core, compressor, glass peeks and clusterfuck
are my favourites.
overall, technical coding mixed with smooth backgrounds and colours.
10's from drew.
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sure i :love: this pack!! :slow:
sufflae's avatar
bloody gorgeous pack man
absolutely brilliant
been staring at it for agges...
+ fav'd
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I'll have to be sure and try out that AVS preset.
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oh wow!! I am loving these!!
Pearl Beats, Cold Fusion, Ion-Core, are my favorites!!! @_@ and Feedback Cube is the most wonderous thing I have seen yet!!! Lovely!!!
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:+fav: because I've been staring at my computer screen without moving for about fifteen minutes. Goa-psychedelic trance music works amazingly with it :D
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First the bad; When I swap between 'clusterfuck' and 'forcefield' I get a VB error message that crashes winamp or baconWrapper leaving a process eating alot of memory and CPU... I'm pointing my finger at eeltrans, could be bad RAM but I don't think so.

Apart from that a great pack - techie but thats not the point; the point is the great effects you create with them. The black background is a little repetative (but most of the best presets have it so wtf :) ), but the action is good enough to forgive this. My favourates; 'Ion Core' Its progressed nicely since the last release and the use of camera movement and perspective is good as is the same with 'Cold Fusion', I don't like the manual controls with that though, imo have the balls to set it and leave it. 'Meserize' is just freeking sweet although I think you could make it better with more tenticle interaction (twisting around each other for example). 'Glass Peeks' would be up there but the rotation is repetative and detracts from what is great use of the triangle mod.

Overall comparisions can be made to other artists but whats the point? It's a positive that your first pack gets compaired to them. You have created your own twisted reality in here; good job.


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as always, your presets are stylistically great and technically sound :thumbsup:

My favorites are:
Kompakt (love your use of triangles there *g*)
Pearl Beats (nice effect: "wow, it's moving!" :))
Forcefield (same as pak here, also probably the effort i put into fixing eeltrans to make this preset work for me and pak again :))

you also tend to keep a better eye on the framerate than most :) *cough*wfc3*cough*

now to the (few) problems with your presets :)
like pak said, you've got to work on Compressor's mouse control :)
what about transformation matrices? you could achieve more intuitive mouse control with them and also get rid of the slow rotation when one of the rotation angles is at 90 degrees

Clusterfuck might have a bug... it got stuck somehow, just rapidly bobbing in and out without moving much more than that
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pearl beats, clusterfuck (expect a remix dropping soon) and mesmerize where my favourites in the pack, though i gotta agree with zamuz on the disappointment with black backgrounds. inverse eruption is very impressive, but i'd certainly like it better with another color-scheme. ion-core reminds me a lot of ~duo's stuff, while delerius is more like ~skupers.. and i hope you don't take it as something negative, that i compare you to other people (both very nice presets). one of the most stunning debuts in history of avs!
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wow...awesome work here....
my favorites are :
Pearl Beats( O u t s t a n d i n g)
and of course...ion-core
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you know how much i love this. so i just fav it :)
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i've been expecting this pack for a long time now, and i must say it has fulfilled, and why not, exceeded my expectations. gotta love the way you mix visually appealing stuff with technical know-how, and in a way, i was a bit disappointed when i came across presets with black backgrounds, but nothing that'd bring the overall high quality of the pack. favs:

cold fusion (an all-time fav)
kompakt (could've been more tentacles tho)
pearl beats (i thought it was a moving particle, and then it went 3d, that was awesome)
ion core
glass peeks (another all-time fav)
mesmerize (the comment about black backgrounds doesn't really apply here)

needless to say, +fav
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