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Vale of Arryn and The Eyrie

Based on the novel: "Song of Ice and Fire"
View of: The Vale of Arryn and The Eyrie.
100% photoshop.
Basada en la novela "Canción de hielo y fuego"
Vista del Valle de Arryn y El nido de águilas
100% photoshop

more: [link]
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I am a bit late cause I am reading the books now, but I came here exaclty to find someone who had drawn the Eyrie the way it is described in the books.
And you did, this is wonderful.
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yes, I painted this illustration when I read the books, and I searched images of the eyrie but I don't found with the exact image.
And in the TV serie, the eyrie isn't faithful to the book.
In the book the eyrie has several miles high, and stand out a lot from the other mountains.
I tried to represent this on my concept.

Thanks for your comment! :)
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Magnificent! I wish the TV series used a similar design to this.
It's possible that they didn't have the budget to realise something like this.
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Simply breathtaking! I thought Arryn was a darker place. Now I am not that sure =)
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Love The Sky

Harumi <3
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Oh my gosh this is stunning... beautiful! Is that a castle at the top of the mountain? The shadows and the clouds-- the view is from so high up, like looking out of a plane's window.
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This Looks How I Pictured It :D !!! great work
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Such gorgeous work. I love your color composition in all of your works, and in this one, your mountains are especially breathtaking.
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Thank you very much!! ^^
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As High as Honor!
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That's SO pretty!
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Fantastic skills with painting environments. :)
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Those colours are so vibrant, it looks amazing! I mean to get round to reading that book... DX
Simply beautiful! I think this captures the Eyrie exactly as Mr Martin describes it!
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Me encanta!=D Jolin, me asombra las cosas q se pueden hacer con el photoshop!!!
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Simply spectacular. It's like you pulled it from my imagination, but made it a hundred times better.
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