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The Wolves

Done with Procreate.

👇I've used my Premium Vegetation Brush pack.
Premium Vegetation Brush Pack by Syntetyc 

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wow, you just wanna go out there and explore.~
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C'est magnifique!! Est ce qu'il est possible d'acheter cette oeuvre?

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Beautiful ! Thank you !

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Oh .. nice pics :star:

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I love this... I love everything about it! This is just...WOW!!!

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Splendid work! So beautiful! :heart:

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Very interesting design. Did you ever see the "Magic Eye" 3D poster called Northern Spirit? This very much reminded me of that one.

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I didn't know about that poster. I know the "magic eye" but not that specific poster. I search it but I didn't found, could you send me a link to see it?

Thank you very much!

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Here's a copy I managed to get of it. It was part of a video on YouTube, and it is missing the bottom few centimetres, but it's there. If you can't see it, the random Maple Leaves make a full Moon in the background, an Eagle with its wings outstretched and two Wolves, one of which is howling. It was the very first Magic Image that I could "see", back when they first came out. I'd love to see if you can see it too.

Northern Spirit
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Yes, I saw it, beautiful composition! The eagle is so epic :D

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I thought so too, when I first saw it. That Eagle is just so majestic.

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wow, this is so beautiful! The color palette and the details are put in the exact place they should. And I really love the luminiscent foxes!

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sorry, wolves XD

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Such a wonderful artwork, i love everything about it. Perfectly composited, vivid colors, i like it a lot! :heart:

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Thank you so much!!

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Mystical artwork :+fav:

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