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The Rock of Souls - PROCESS

Photoshop CS6

You can see the final work here:
The Rock of Souls by Syntetyc

I recommend this awesome brush pack:
Complete Rahll Brushset by Rahll


More of my work: 

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What brush did you use for the sky bit?

This is the most beautiful forest !
Manga-Samurai's avatar
Excuse me,  I have gimp,  are there brushes like this for gimp?
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maaaaaan ! my skin stand up ! haha veryy cooool woow 
anniefeng93's avatar
How many different layers did you use for that drawing??
Syntetyc's avatar
Hi! around 30 layers
MasoudBahal's avatar
Great, thank you.
TheDevilOfTomorrow's avatar
Truly breathtaking!! I love this so much!! I do have a question though. Which brush if from the brush pack do you use to texture the grass? I really love that texture!
Syntetyc's avatar
the first of the "trees" section, with number 398 in the image.

You have to combine with different sizes and opacities to generate the grass effect. ;)

Thanks for the comment! 
TheDevilOfTomorrow's avatar
sorry to bother you again but is there a certain brush/brushes you used for the tree's leaves?? I really like the way you did them [[[[: Thank you once again!
Syntetyc's avatar
I do not remember exactly, but I think that's, in the section "foliage", in the third row, I think the third brush starting from the left side, with number 185.

But various brushes from this section are fine to create the tree leafs effect, try yourself with different sizes and opacities, and evaluate the results, maybe you find it other brush that adjust to your needs.
TheDevilOfTomorrow's avatar
ok thank you so much!! I apologize for asking too many questions!
Syntetyc's avatar
Don't worry! I'm glad to help!
TheDevilOfTomorrow's avatar
thank you so much!!!! [[[: <333
Rireri's avatar
Just beautiful! Ö 
KaosAnimeSurabaya's avatar
awesome !!
please make a video tutorial how to make something like this, please !!
Konarika's avatar
ó.ò I couldn't ever do something so thrilling. Amazing job, though, keep it up!
Cardinal4's avatar
Is this done in Photoshop?

Panel 1: Hmm. That's kinda ... ugly
Panel 4: Sorta decent I suppose
Panel 5: What the?! The grass?! I ... could try doing that, I hope?
Panel 6: Wait wait. So super fine details on a rough base. Okaayyyyy so that's the direction I should go in
Panel 7 - last panel: =_= Okay so I have to do all these minute details... which I obviously cannot. I don't think this direction is gonna work for me.
PBJxPotatoChips's avatar
Wow holy shit. The detail makes me wanna cry.... 
Stevethemagicalpony's avatar
WOW this art really shows that every detail counts! Well done :)
Aikouro's avatar
Watching the progress sure feels nice :)
Esmereth's avatar
Geez, that's incredible... Amazing... Keep it up!

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