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Abandoned Castle

100% photoshop, a lot of hours.


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The castle looks so majestic!
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:wave: Hello !
You've been featured here :…
I hope you don't mind. =)
Syntetyc's avatar
Wow! Thank you very much!!! :D
Cyrkael's avatar
You're welcome ! ;)
Shandria's avatar
One of your best, I think O_O Simply Wonderful! I love those details and lightning... Absolutely amazing!
Syntetyc's avatar
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You're very welcome! :)
juitta's avatar
woow O.O this amazing, I would say that is the best I've seen
has very good detailsLa la la la 
BellaGBear's avatar
Love it. The design seems logic like you could actually discover a place like this somewhere.
MetalWarriorKS's avatar
Just fantastic, a very nice place to dream of - and well drawn!
Orion159's avatar
Dang, you're definitely ahead of me in painting skill! And the cool part is that this looks like you could have used traditional paints.

Really nice job with the clouds by the way!
AmberArt212's avatar
such richness and the lines, you are getting better and better
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Which Photoshop did you use?
Forgotten-Kingdom's avatar
Aww I want a better Photoshop so bad.  I have PS CS2... It get the job done but the new ones are so cool.
Syntetyc's avatar
I use simple brushes, the version of photoshop is not important if you have a good painting skills
Forgotten-Kingdom's avatar
I guess that's true :3  Though I wish PS CS2 had a better blur tool :/  How long have you been painting? if you don't mind to tell
ArtFurry's avatar
this is beautiful 
AcheronHades's avatar
This is so beautiful, it reminds me of the illustrations from The Hobbit. Nice work! : )
Syntetyc's avatar
And yes, the style of classic illustrations is my goal. I love the classic illustrations of tlotr, dragonlance, etc... 

Basically, the style of Ted Nsmith.

I think that is a style that is being lost, but I love it!
AcheronHades's avatar
Aah, those are so beautiful, I know what you mean : ) I love it too! I look forward to seeing more work from you : D
shaqdeeh's avatar
wonderful !!! :)
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