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Enclave meets UFO.
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Enclave troops meeting with Zetans in the desert to exchange human prisoners for alien tech, 2241, colorized
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If the zetans were a bigger threat, I'd bet the NCR, BOS, and enclave would join forces to stop them.
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Soldier on Right= What the hell is that? 
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Well this is terrific! 
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Yeah, kinda surprised that if Mothership Zeta made it out that the aliens were the ones to trigger the nuclear exchange of the Great War, why didn't they take advantage of humanity being either locked away in Vaults or living on the surface as Ghouls (those who didn't die from exposure, starvation, dehydration or illness).

Still! Awesome artwork, theGorer!
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Based on the fact that they using humans to gene-splice with themselves, they probably needed humans alive to continue experiments. With how advanced those little green men were, maybe after so many years of using cloning pods, they couldn't reproduce....or something. Why else would they keep their captives alive for so long?

Of course, just a theory.
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The Zetans certainly had a weird obsession with humanity...kidnapping humans from various time periods spanning over 500 years, plus collecting samples of our technology, and subjecting the kidnapped people to various kinds of tortuous experiments. Though genetic degradation certainly would explain why they keep crashing on Earth...they're getting too stupid or infirm to properly handle their scout ships.
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this is so cool, i LOVE everything that goes with Fallout
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Soldier on the left: "Whoa thats a freaky spaceship!"

Soldier on the right: "Oh thats just peachy...."
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That looks like a flying tank
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they must be like "f*ck is this?" lol i hate the enclave
good work
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I'm a big fan of you, Gorer.
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Heh Thank you for your support!!! I'm honored.
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Brilliant work man and great avatar , xeno teeth FTW.
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You're welcome, it has been my pleasure.
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ha, this is awesome, more of your earlier work huh, its a bit rough, but i like that, its a quality in itself
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