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Nightmare VII

Nightmare VII: Drawn after a particularly horrendous day at work (I work 9-5 - well, now 8:30-5). The Art Department air conditioner didn't work (the only one in the building that was broken), and it was 84 degrees that day. We opened the windows, but guess which windows the smokers stood under when they took cigarette breaks? Yup. Nothing like sweating and stinking all day to put you in a bad mood.

This is one of my versions of a Nightmare, though there's many different kinds (it's cool how everyone has their own idea of what a Nightmare is). I used to draw skull-type demons in pen all the time, years ago (dating back to the 80's) - sketchbooks-full, even. It's actually pretty calming and soothing to me to draw them - kind of getting my anger out on paper, rather than yelling or hurting anyone.

I didn't try to make the anatomy realistic; I wanted a distorted look to it. The eye is supposed to be an empty, shadow-less white - which may not make sense, but then, Nightmares usually don't.

Incidentally, a band called Skeleton Horse has my permission to use this image, if you come across them.

RSVP pen on cardstock, Photoshop 7 coloring.
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This horse is very reminiscent of a dream I had involving a demon horse.  Would you be offended if I attempted an acrylic facsimile of this? 
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we call that a tikbalang XD
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This reminds me of a breed of horse I created. It's great! :D
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Super cool. I really like the color choice. The muzzle looks strong and dangerous. I wouldn't mess with your Nightmare.
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looks like a vampire-horse, i love it! :D
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That is epic!!! I love it =D
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I love the muscles, the glow in the creature's eyes, and all the little details you put in this!
Great job! Instant fave!
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I love this picture.
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that is creepy but sweet :)

Epic picture
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i used your picture as a reference [link]
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The things that bring us the fear that corrupts dreams....

Wonderful rendition of a creature of horror.
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Freakin epic man!!!
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omg this is badass!!
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you did a really amazing job on this
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Someone stole your work. They've been reported.
Stolen piece: [link]
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I found this.. knowing about it?
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Very good. I love it.
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been awhile since I've been to your web site. I just have to say that this and the other Nightmares inspired my macabre dradon horses and nightmares.
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So far this is my fave nightmare picture.
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