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I apologize for not giving credit to whoever made my DeviantID pic. I got the pic off a google search but if someone knows who made the pic I would greatly appreciate it if they had the artist contact me through private messages so I can give them the credit that they are due.

Gamer, artist, writer, craziest loyal friend anyone could ask for lol (ask my friends they will vouch). I mostly game but occasionally draw and write as well.

I often use references for my work as a way to help me get better at drawing something specific I may have trouble with and will occasionally HEAVILY reference something. I try my best to give credit to the artist whos work I have used as a reference but because a lot of my reference pics come from google searches I dont always know who the artist is. If you see that one of my drawings looks similar in some way or another to yours please let me know because I may have used it as a reference and would be more than happy to give you the credit.

I am not here to steal someones work and pass it for my own!! I am here to draw, share my drawings and the progress I have made with my skills and continue to better myself with drawing. THATS IT! As I said. I am more than happy to give credit where it is due but I dont always know who the artist for a particular drawing I used as reference is.

If anyone has any problems with me or my art then let me know in private messages. Whatever the issue may be I am sure we can be adults about the situation and come to an understanding. If the problem is about me not giving credit to someone please message me ONLY if you are the artist who needs to be given credit! I have absolutely NO RESPECT for someone who CANT HANDLE THEIR OWN SHIT!! This is not high school! Dont act like a child! Be as mature as you are able to be and talk to me about it!! I will keep saying this. I AM MORE THAN HAPPY TO GIVE CREDIT WHERE IT IS DUE!! I have had problems on here with immature little kids sending their friends to gang up on me over something as small as giving credit and I do not appreciate it nor do I respond to such childish acts in a positive way. You wanna be a child when approaching me then go ahead you will be ignored and blocked. I understand there are children on this site but I would expect they not be wandering around my profile. I am an adult artist (I draw porn mostly) and I expect that any who message me are at least 18 years old.

While I mostly draw porn type pictures I also draw PG shit as well and since I started fresh with this account the only drawings that will get posted on here are new drawings I do. The only "old" drawing I am going to have on here is the one I did for my brother as a sort of way to compare work done in Photoshop vs work done in FireAlpaca (paid vs entirely free). Some of my drawings that get posted on here will be drawn entirely out of boredom or for specific reasons and others will be drawings that people have requested.

I am currently taking requests but not from DA. I play on a virtual world called Second Life and thats where I am accepting requests.

Play SL and want to contact me about a drawing being done for you? Send me a private message with your SL name and I will message you in world when I can.…



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On a side note I finally realized how to do status updates lmao
A Kiss in the Rain by SeerLight  This was the first picture I favorited with this account done by who has many other amazing works of art. Im posting their drawing here for the #ShareYourHeart Valentines thing that DA is doing.

SeerLight if you are seeing this please let me know if having this posted here bothers you and if it does I promise to take it down once the Valentines day event ends. If anyone who watches SeerLight's page sees this please let them know about this so they can contact me if they would like me to take down the post. 
Kyo and Charlie
Kyo (full name Kyosuke Ishida) is my fursona and the adorable little dude poking his head from behind Kyo is Charlie an original character created by my beloved Noodle. I wasnt going to upload this originally but I figured this latest drawing I did was honestly one of my best works yet even though I originally forgot one of Kyo's facial markings the first time around and ended up having to go back and redo everything after adding in the eye markings lol I managed to keep the updated version as much the same as the original one that I had messed up on. I also wanted to participate in the Valentines day thing that DA is doing and could have drawn an entirely new thing with my fursona Kyo and Noodle's blonde wolf but since she and I have these 2 RP's involving Charlie and a human version of Kyo in one of the RP's and a half demon version of Charlie and an elf version of Kyo in the other RP and in both of those RP's Charlie and Kyo are sort of a thing or becoming a thing I decided to use this drawing so they can #ShowYourHeart (or rather their hearts) to the world Fella Heart Kiss (Love) EXO : Luhan Heart 

Kyosuke Ishida (my fursona) 
Charlie (ginger haired red head) 
Apex Predator Inc. Banner
Commission I did for one of my best friends. His store in the game we both play needed an update so I told him I would do it for him :> I am beyond pleased with how this turned out and my bud loves it so that makes me happy :D

Knocked this out in about 2 hours maybe less with FireAlpaca

Apex Predator Inc. belongs to my bud
Wolfy Snuggles
• The line art is not mine it was a free line art thing that i got from SKproductionsArt
• The fursonas used however do belong to me. The black one is my main fursona called Jacob and the blonde one is a fursona I created to represent someone who is very special to me
• FireAlpaca was used to color this so the shading is really not my best work ._> I might do this over in Photoshop whenever I find time to set up my other computer

Line Art ©SKproductionsArt
2 Fursonas used ©Me


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