If you had to describe the emote community in 5 words or less
102 votes
it would be ....

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:heart: Full of fun and Waffles! :heart:
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There's always moments like this. Older emoticonists leaving, new ones coming in return.
It was like you said in your journal tightly packed and small. Now there are a lot of people so the band and uniqueness is harder to feel.
But I think the community is always here, maybe we should all work a bit more on it (including myself)
If I get a epic idea for a project I'll launch it (though this has been in my head for 2 years now ^^;)
Still this poll is a interesting read :nod:
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:nod: a bit of team work could certainly help re-build the community
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Ahh mah gawd that rawks
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I would use emotes :D
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Everyone should help revive it.
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open minded, kind, and humorous
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Amazing pixel work :wow:
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funny little fellas for pets :D
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Some of these answers were quite depressing since I'm a newer emoticonist. :shrug: Still an interesting read though, seeing others opinions.
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I guess if you never experienced the old community then the current one is still great, but alot of us know a far tighter community with more support
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That's fair enough. When I first joined on this account, I couldn't help comparing everyone to when I was last here. =P
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filling up my favourites ;P
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In need of livening up :shrug:

I'm out of touch with the emote community at the minute anyway but it doesn't feel anywhere near as exciting as it did a while ago :(
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Slowly grinding to a halt :iconsadtardplz:

I think one problem is just everything's been done already - there are very few unique ideas left for emotes nowadays
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I still feel there are hundreds of great ideas out there but it is true many simple ones now have epic emotes that don't need revamping/replacing
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I was thinking more of chat-useful emotes - I haven't come across one I wanted that didn't exist for a looooong time
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100% awesome, colourful and creative
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The greatest community on dA. :nod:

'Cause everyone is so nice, and welcoming! =D
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