Do you have any suggestions for features i could run in my news article? These could be questions to cover, a type of emote to shed light on or even just a random word i can find emotes relating to create a feature about
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Yes i will suggest a topic to cover (e.g FAQs, how do i do ...)
Yes i will suggest a type of emotes to feature (e.g packs, tards)
Yes i'll suggest a series of features to run (e.g colours, old emotes)
Yes i'll suggest a one off feature (e.g llamas, fella, balloons)
Yes i'll suggest something else
No :icongrumpplz:

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Hmm... here is an idea, Karen:

:bulletblue: Featuring different emoticonist's OCs and providing a little feature on how a specific emoticonist acquired his/her OC.
There is a little custom box on `CookiemagiK's page featuring a lot of emote OCs.

Wouldn't it be interesting to hear how they came about/stuck? :giggle:

~ Laura Mei
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Words to search:

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You could do an Emoticonists from around the world feature? That could be interesting :shrug:
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The random word of the day is.....couch. Emotes involving places to sit! :D
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How about unused revamps? I'm sure there's a lot :O

If it were possible to find emotes that were exactly 25x25 pixels, I'd be curious to see them.
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How large emotes, if you haven't featured them before? :D
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What about emotes according to season. Seasonalmotes! :D Pick a few for summer, like: beach, amusement park, water park, vacationing emotes. Then you could continue it for later seasons and what not. Or holidaymotes! Fathers Day is coming up as well, Forth of July, etc. :thumbsup:
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music? :0
or maybe some sport :la:
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What about... featuring emotes that have something to do with the current situation eg. if it is national ice-cream day the feature emotes that have something to do with ice-cream... Like these: [link] Yeah, the cursor is REALLY annoying, I know...
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thanks for the link :)
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Fan art emotes ?
Emote that make you smile ? :)
Amazingly techinical emotes ?
umm... Wildlife emotes ?
Seasonal emotes ?

Just chucking ideas at you now :XD:

... i'll shut up ....
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I agree with everyone who suggested food... also, how about a series featuring hobbies? Sports, arts, musical instruments, collecting, reading...
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I suggest that you select a word and feature emotes related to it.

something like :sport ,flowers ,sea, butterfly,friends,sleep ....etc.
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How about positivity/happiness/woohoo :icongrin--plz::love::glomp: I just love the positive/love emotes you find all around dA!! :glomp:
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Love! You could put love emotes!
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