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I almost spend my time on deviantART so I do quite a lot of stuff. Remember about v7? I did reply to some questions I found on the first page, tell them some stuff or offer a little help since they are confused with the new version.

They called me to shut up :shrug: They thought I want to have a tick on my name or because I want to be an admin :crying:
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nice. quick question though, what exactly is "pimping" a journal?
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It generally means promote it, such as adding a link to your next journal :)
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Oh, like a feature?
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this is so sweet and true
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I respect you even more now for this journal. You've pointed out things that some were just too blind to notice. I've been trying to get more involved in the community and this has inspired me to do so. Thank you. :)
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Uplifting to read. I salute you for taking the time to write this. :salute:
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As many above me I'm not part of the emoticon community... But as a part of the Lit community I can easily identify with some of the things you wrote. That was one of the more interesting journals I've read lately.
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Its interesting to know what other communities this applies to and in a sense kind of comforting that not only emotes are suffering
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FWIW, non-dA communities suffer from it as well. As webmaster (and moderator) of many communities over the year, this pattern is often played out--even in very active/close-knit communities. People just don't *do*. They like to be a part and like to have action going on, but don't necessarily want to devote the time or energy into it. I'm struggling right now with one of my sites and really at wit's end how to get the "comraderie" back.
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That was my thought exactly when I read your journal.
I guess that all the not-mainstream communities suffer the same symptoms around here :shrug:
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I am not part of the emoticon community, but I really some of the projects that I saw in yours and some other emoticonists journal, like the science fair project one, and although it's very hard to do emotes, I liked having fun :nod:
speaking of which, how do emotes reproduce? :O_o: And where do the new emoticonists come from? :paranoid:
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the reproduce via magik :dummy:
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Well I am fairly new to DA and I came here at Beccalicious' behest. I don't know the emoticon community. But what you say sounds right. I have held positions of authority before and it is always helpful when you have people that you can turn to for help.
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