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For years the dA community has been crying out for a way to use community made emoticons in comments all around dA. Whilst the Emoticon Legend offers a limited range of emotes, it is rarely updated with new emoticons and many of the emotes on there have become outdated. After several failed attempts at a revamped system, dA is starting to roll out an awesome new system for inserting community emoticons into comments.

Whilst this system has been in place on for a while now, it appears some people have missed it, so I thought I would throw together a short tutorial on the basics of the system. Along with community made emoticons, the new sidebar can be used to insert images from your own gallery and deviations from anywhere on dA. However, I will focus only on the emote side of things.

Step 1 - Add Media

When you click on the box to insert a new comment, there are now two options available at the bottom of the comment area. Select the one named 'Add Media'.

Step 2 - Search for an emote

After clicking the 'Add Media' button, a sidebar will appear on the right hand side of your screen. When it opens, it shows a list of the 'Official Emoticons' - all the emotes currently found on the Emoticon Legend. If you wish to use one of these, scroll through the list and find the one you want. Then skip to the next step.

Note: You can still use the codes from the Emoticon Legend to insert official emoticons. e.g. :hug: -> :hug:

However, this sidebar also allows you to insert unofficial emotes, also known as community emoticons. To find the one you want, simply enter a keyword into the search box and hit enter. If dA finds any emotes which match, it will display them in the sidebar.

Step 3 - Adding the emote

Once you have found the emote you want to use, simply click it in the side bar and it will appear in your comment. If you wish to remove the emote from the comment, simply use the backspace/delete key.

Step 4 - Submit the comment

Add any addition text to the comment, then submit it as normal using the 'Submit Comment' button.  The emote will appear as the image in your final comment.
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Vianna006's avatar

I can’t do emoji on the comments. Anyone know what’s probleem?

Synfull's avatar

What emoji are you trying to add, and how are you trying to add them?

Vianna006's avatar

I trying to add emoji from DA (near “comment” and “cancel”). But I haven’t this. I can add emoji only from ipad.

Synfull's avatar

So what issue are you having? Do you press the button, select an emoji and nothing shows up?

VabLab's avatar

Whoof i need patience for my donuts gif emoticon to show up

VabLab's avatar

Thank you i've been searching this guide! thank you! this helped me soo much!

Honoka-Hinamori's avatar
What happened to the waaah emoticon...? I can't find it in the emoticon listing and the add media tab sadly...
Synfull's avatar
The creator may have removed it or deactivated their account. I'm not sure i know what emote you are talking about though - have you tried contacting the creator?
Honoka-Hinamori's avatar
not really...but thanks anyways... :cries: 
AlenaALA's avatar
i made my own but i can't figer out how to use it please help
Synfull's avatar
Once you submit it you need to wait a day or two before it will turn up in the add media section
gageisadic2's avatar
wait what.
lets see my gage emotico-
Gage Emoticon by gageisadic2  
DanTDMFan518's avatar
I want to use my own emotes in comments. :/ But for some reason, every time I try, it dosen't work. Can ya help me out here
Synfull's avatar
Which emote from your gallery are you trying to use?
DanTDMFan518's avatar
Synfull's avatar
It's too large - I think emotes ghave to be under 100 pixels to be used.
DanTDMFan518's avatar
Oh. Oooooohhhhh. Ok. Well thank you for explaining that to me.
LittleInklet's avatar
I love how everyone in the comments is an undertale fan XDD
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