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The normal date for the release of this interview is the 15th, but as the 15th falls on a Sunday, this issue is being released a few days earlier :)


Welcome to February's edition of So i herd u liek interviews??. This is the third volume in a series of interviews aimed at finding out about emoticonists from the deviantART community.

This series links with the weekly volumes of 'so i herd u liek emotes??' which have now been running since October.

:bulletgreen:The emoticonist</u>:bulletgreen:

This edition’s featured emoticonist is MenInASuitcase. Meninasuitcase along with his brother MixedMilkChOcOlate have become known around deviantART for their large canvas emoticons, amazing backgrounds and flash game emoticons as shown in Super Smash Bros Emote and Emote dress up. I managed to catch up with him to find out a little more about his work

:bulletblue:The interview</u>:bulletblue:

How and when did you get into making emoticons?

It's almost one year since i started to make emoticons, but i've really only been an emoticonist since last summer ^^

When you first started making emotes, did you use any tutorials?

I did not use any emoticon tutorials to start to make them. However, I found a smiley tutorial in french and then when i saw emotes from DA i liked them, so i tried to make them from seeing other emoticonist work

Are there any particular tutorials you have found that you would like to suggest?

I’ve made 3 for only emoticons, but there are two other for pixel-background which could be used with emoticons. I think they are a good base to improve emotes (:

emoticon-eyes-tutorial by MenInASuitcase Animation-emote tutorial by MenInASuitcase   Emote-effect by MenInASuitcase

I think we’ve got a lot of great tutorials in DA so it's hard to find a best one :b

Do you try to stick to one particular style and technique, or do you prefer to experiment?

I like to experiment. In my gallery you can see that i change my shading often and test my animation skills. I’d love to try to make a perfect 3D looking emote ( it's one of my aim in time ^^ )

What methods have you used for shading? Do you have a preference?

I’ve looked alot at people’s shading, and bad-blood shading was really amazing. I tried to improve mine but it was hard to get something original especially when i was looking at  a perfect one (bad-blood shading) at the same time. So now I’ve tried to draw an easy shading with some dithering. I'm not sure to know how to explain it but my few last emote got it and i'm really happy how it turned out (:

Which programs do you use to create your emoticons?

I use photoshop cs3 only, but when i started emoticons i used imageready. I find them really easy to use ^^

Are there any particular qualities that you feel can make an emote stand out from any other?

Yes of course. The originality of an emote makes it better. I think there are a lot of ways to make an emote original. You just need to look at the hair i draw on my emoticon to know i tried to get something new, and it's part of my style now :b

Are there any particular effects you've found difficult, or have been unable to create?

I think the hardest part in emoticon is the expression. It's easier to find a theme for an emote than to draw it :b In crying and laughing emotes, the expressions were hard to make the first time, but now it easier as i’ve already tried them

Where do you get inspiration / ideas from?

I don't really know :faint: ... i could answer for each emote i’ve made. But if I get an idea, I  always make a try, or it's a request xD

Roughly how long does it take you to go from concept to finished emoticon?

Hard to answer. I think, for a simple one emote without background it takes me usually 1 and  a half hours. For a bigger emoticon with a background, it's a lot longer. I think it's mostly something like 7 or 8 hours

Which are 3 of your favourite emotes from your personal gallery?

emote-Jack having fun by MenInASuitcase

This emote was my favourite for a long time. Of course my favourite changes every time i get better, but this one is special ^^ I drew it long time ago, and because i love it i made it better some month ago, the reason is probably because i love the movie

rockband-emote-live by MenInASuitcase

I like this emote because i gave voice and sound to emoticon, and i also made them look most like human rockband as possible

cute fail :b by MenInASuitcase

I just love it, i can't look at it without think it's too cute :aww:

Is there a particular emote in your gallery that you would like to set get more exposure?

I don't know ^^ I think my emotes get less attention when they are not about fanart, so i don't think i would like to get more attention for emoticons which are not fan, but i would like to get the same for fanart and no fanart^^

Are there any particular emoticonists you would like to see get more exposure?

Some emoticonist that i would like to get more views are Purleez, Serrius07 and Emoticlown-ist ^^ I think they are very good and creative to make awesome emoticons (:

There is also Momma--G , i know it's smileys, but i think it would be good to see more smiley makers on DA^^

How did you come up with your emoticon character?

The hair, is from my old avatar style. I liked to make little pixel doll with nice hairstyle, but last summer when i really started to work a lot on emoticons, i wanted keep my doll-avatar with the hair, but i also wanted to get an emoticon avatar. So this style was created to mix both (:

My pixel first doll avatar had brown hair, but then i clicked on a thing on photoshop which inverted the colours, and i got this blonde colour with brown border. I found it cool so i kept it

Do you feel like the emoticon gallery has progressed during your time as an emoticonist?

Yes i think the category is always improving. I don't know if it was always like this since the gallery started, but for the time I’ve look at it, I’ve enjoyed seeing new work, and the emoticons which are on the popular list of the week and of the month are just awesome :faint: I'm glad when i'm in these page with other great emoticonists (:

Are there any trends or styles you'd like to see less of in the gallery?

Of course the miscats are still a problem, mostly for new emoticonist :x And sometimes in the emoticon gallery i see some kind of video manipulation converted in animated gifs which have nothing to do in the category. I think i would like to see less of that, but i don't know if there is a right category, so maybe they don't have the choice xD

Where would you like to see emotes go in the future?

Something i would like to watch is emotes with sound. I’ve tried it in flash, but the flash doesn’t let emotes be used for normal icons or avatars. So it's the wrong way to add sound, but i don't know another way :b

Is there any advice you would like to give to new emoticonists?

The best advice i could give is to have fun and to take your time. Basic emoticons are only a circle which you move pixel by pixel. When i started to make emoticons i understood that and it's why sometimes i worked more than 10 hours for some emoticons ( and it's why i got disappointed when a fanart i made in 30minute get more view than 10 hours of working xD ). But remember, you can't get better if you don't practice.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

I hope the emoticon community will grow more, and i hope the new GM will be chosen soon :D

If :| and :B were trapped in a room with only a :spork:, what would happen?

i'm sure the  blank emote could take the spork for his new god and and would sacrifice bucktooth to get his teeth! XD But what happens between two emote trapped in a room stay in the room :eyes:


random glomp by MenInASuitcase
Whenever I look at this emoticon, I am always amazed by the amount of detail it includes. The computer is pixelled extremely well and small movements like the keys indenting when a emote moves over them really enhance the emoticon. The idea is very original and loops very well. The small bouncing wave at the end is also very cute making this an amazing all round emoticon

raining day by MenInASuitcase
Raining day is one of meninasuitcase’s smaller canvas emote, but just as brilliant. The whole emoticon is very cute  and the reflection effect is executed very well. The rain movement is smoothly animated and the ripple effect in the puddle is a nice finishing touch

spin by MenInASuitcase
I always admire emoticons that try out different effects. Spin is a fine example of this. The roundabout is pixelled and animated well and it’s a fascinating to watch how the illusion of a force pulling him off the round about has been created. The enlargement of the emoticon as it flies off the roundabout is also done very well and the movement of the screen when the emoticon hits the round is a great addition


I'd like to thank MenInASuitcase for offering his time to be interviewed, and to Red-Bananas, Marc-pHX and zikes for assisting me in the idea and question development

Please also note, some of the answers have been slightly re-worded with permission, to ensure they are easy to read

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Great interview!
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