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Welcome to June's edition of So i herd u liek interviews??. This is the 11th volume in a series of interviews aimed at finding out about emoticonists from the deviantART community.

This series links with the weekly volumes of 'so i herd u liek emotes??' which have now been running since October.

:bulletgreen:The emoticonist</u>:bulletgreen:

This volumes featured emoticonist is Kermodog. Although not quite as well known as some emoticonists, kermodog has been a member of the community for a number of years now. His outstanding emoticons are made to a high quality and the amount of detail packing into them is quite jaw dropping. He is often known for his tardwallpaper project but has also made a number of other brilliant emotes including Cakebomb. I was lucky enough to arrange this interview with him.

:bulletblue:The interview</u>:bulletblue:

:interview: by Synfull

How and when did you get into making emoticons?

I think my first emoticon was back in '06. I recall taking an interest into a so-called deviant's avatars called iOonchi. I was curious and keen to get into avatar/pixel art making, so I made a few avi's to others. After four 'smudgy animations', I gave up. I think that's when I came across the art of emoticon making. Boredom does stuff. Boredom created this. :thumb42458717:

When you first started making emotes, did you use any tutorials?

I used a number of tutorials, but I remember it was dutchie17's emoticon tutorial that got me making my first few emotes. He was the foundations for the beginning, but I expanded it after using darkmoon3636's tutorial. It was her shading style that influenced my present style today. As for animation, I discovered that all by myself. :B Well, at least most of it. :paranoid:

Are there any particular tutorials you have found/created since that you would like to suggest?

I quite like LeoLeonardo's and Bad-Blood's animation tutorials. Look useful. :eyes:

Where do you get inspiration / ideas from?

My head. :iconimhappyplz: And sometimes requests and such.

Do you try to stick to one particular style and technique, or do you prefer to experiment?

I've always wanted to create a new shading style, but it's kinda hard when you have to make it better than my present one. The problem with my present one is that it uses too many colours. :shakefist:
However, I refuse any sort of gradient as a shading style. Pencil and pixel is one way for me. :|
As for experimenting, there comes times when I take almost 4 hours just to get two frames for the effect I want. I'm not good at it, but I eventually get there.

Are there any particular qualities that you feel can make an emote stand out from any other?

Quality, not quantity. In simple, don't make a long animation with lotsa frames without the necessary pixelling skills. Even sometimes I make this mistake.
Shading style is important as well. I don't have a personal character myself, but that's why I tried to perfect my shading in most cases. I hope it still works. :0

Which programs have you used to create your emoticons? Are there any you can suggest?

I've used GIMP, Fireworks and IR. The whole package. :|
Gimp was too confusing for me. Imageready is good, but the layer thing gets tedious. Fireworks is preferred choice.
I lost Fireworks on my computer and now I've got Imageready chained to me. :shakefist:

Roughly how long does it take you to go from concept to finished emoticon?

Concept only takes a second. It pops in your head and grows from then on.
As for the actual emoticon itself, I would say 1-10 hours depending on difficulty. Anything more than ten gets thrown into the bin. :B

What methods have you used for shading? Do you have a preference?

As I said, pixel by pixel. I'd throw myself off a cliff if I ever submitted a gradient emote on dA after today. ;)

Are there any particular effects you've found difficult, or have been unable to create?

Explosions. The boom isn't hard, but the smoke is. Rushing is not an option when you make 'em. They look… rushed. :ohnoes: That said, I have made one. Still not great though.

Which are 3 of your favourite emotes from your personal gallery?

:surfing: is by far my favourite. Maybe it's my love for surfing and waves, but I spent a lot of time on this one perfecting it. I just love the pixelled wave and the colours in this. :B

Just a memorable emote.

Lol, this got me 18 months of subscription. :lol:

Is there a particular emote in your gallery you would you like to see get more attention. If so, why?

Making this in ImageReady was a b****. :|

Are there any particular emoticonists you would like to see get more exposure?

flashfrog and TheRockster. If I could say everyone, I would. :B

Do you feel like the emoticon gallery has progressed during your time as an emoticonist?

Yes, by a heck of a lot. :fear:

Where would you like to see emotes go in the future?

Interactive Gaming. :nod:

Are there any trends or styles you'd like to see less of in the gallery?

Non-emoticons. :shake: And also less projects.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Anyone up for a collab? :eyes:

If :flirty: and :paranoid: went to a museum, what would happen and what would they get up to?

A sexual version of the movie Night At The Museum. :iconexcitedplz:


I'm always amazed when several special effects are combined into one emote, which is why :tardninjasuperawesomepowerup: appeals to me. The animation flows amazingly well throughout and I really can't take my eyes off it

Water is never an easy effect to master, but it has been pixelled extremely well within :sharkattack:. All the different elements to the animation join together to make an outstanding emote with an amusing ending

I absolutely adore the amount of detail contained in :targetpractice:. The animation is flawless and pixelling and use of expressions is really top notch

:bulletblack: Previous volumes</u>  :bulletblack:

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Great interview.:nod:
I loved the part with "A sexual version of Night at the museum":lmao:
Can't wait for more interviews:eager:
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Great interview.
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I'm famous :iconteheplz: Kermodog likes me
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was awesome to read
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Cool! An interview of an emoticonist I've never heard of! Thanks for enlightening me! :D
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Very nice interview :)
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Awweee... he is so awesome!
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I've been watching kermodog for awhile and he's awesome!!!

btw anyone know where you can get the program fireworks to make emoticons?
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Yay! :D

I is in your article, breaking a potential comment chain. :paranoid:
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