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Welcome to January's edition of So i herd u liek interviews??. This is the first volume in a series of interviews aimed at finding out about emoticonists from the deviantART community.

This series links with the weekly volumes of 'so i herd u liek emotes??' which have now been running since October.

:bulletgreen:The emoticonist</u>

This month's featured emoticonist is none other than CookiemagiK. Cookiemagik, is one of deviantART's most well known emoticonists creating some fabulous pieces of work such as Guitar emote hero and Super mario emote bros. I was fortunate enough to arrange this interview, so we could find out a little bit more about him.

:bulletblue:The interview</u>:bulletblue:

How and when did you get into making emoticons?

I started making emotes a bit over a year ago. A few weeks after I became a member of  deviantArt. I guess I just did it because it looked like fun

When you first started making emotes, did you use any tutorials?

No. I didn't know there were tutorials for this kind of things so I just looked at other people's emotes and tried to learn from them.

Are there any particular tutorials you have found that you would like to suggest?

GIMP Animation Tutorial by 12hc12 by 12hc12 - I found it extremely useful, since I never was able to find out how to animate emotes in GIMP on my own and this helped me a lot.

Emoticon Tutorial : bases by darkmoon3636 by darkmoon3636 - I think this was the first tutorial I used. I was too lazy to read through all of it ^^; but it gave me a lot of understanding in the proper way to shade emotes.

Those are the ones I can think of, but I'm sure there are lots of other tutorials that also helped me out ^^

What methods have you used for shading? Do you have a preference?

I just use gradient =p .. I like to focus more on the animation than the detail.

Do you try to stick to one particular style and technique, or do you prefer to experiment?

I like to experiment a bit. But there are some things I feel I will never try to change, like the way I animate basic movement.

Are there any particular qualities that you feel can make an emote stand out from any other?

I would say the best quality an emote can have is uniqueness. Something that no one else have done before. I can think of a few emote artists that have very unique ways of making emotes and it's always exciting to see them in my message center ^^

Are there any particular effects you've found difficult, or have been unable to create?

Yes I often find out that I aim too high when I'm making an emote and have to cut down on things because I find them too difficult animate. The thing I have most trouble with is using anti-aliasing against transparent backgrounds.

Which programs do you use to create your emoticons?

I use Fireworks. Right now I'm trying out Fireworks CS4, but most of my emotes were made in CS3.

Where do you get inspiration / ideas from?

That's a tough one =p I'm not really sure, so I'll just say the internet since that's bound to be correct to some level.

Roughly how long does it take you to go from concept to finished emoticon?

That depends on the complexity and length of the emote. But most of the time I think I use about 2-3 hours on an emote ^^

Out of curiosity, how long did it take you to create your Guitar emote hero?

That took me about 3 days and I think I spent roughly 7 hours on it each day =p

Which are 3 of your favourite emotes from your personal gallery?

ALGDAT nightmare by CookiemagiK , Super mario emote bros by CookiemagiK , Super volley revamp by CookiemagiK

Are there any particular emoticonists you would like to see get more exposure?

Oh yes. There are a lot of great emoticonists out there who's work definitely need to be seen by more people. Just to mention a few: Red-Bananas, MenInASuitcase, UzumakiSlumpBallZ and MixedMilkChOcOlate ^^

Do you have an emoticon character? If so, how does it help represent you as a deviant?

Yes! And his name is Dr. Specz! *v*
I don't want him to represent me though, since he's evil and stuff D; He's just a character who appears alot in my emotes. Nothing else =p

How did you come up with your character?

I think he first appeared as just a random emote when I was experimenting with some new effects in Mad Explosion by CookiemagiK, and I liked him so much that I continued to use him ^^

Do you feel like the emoticon gallery has progressed during your time as an emoticonist?

Yes. There weren't that many emoticonists around when I started. But now the emote community is huge, and it's still growing very fast ^^

Where would you like to see emotes go in the future?

3D! I want to see emotes created in programs such as Maya and 3DMax and other such programs, and I want to learn to do it myself as well ^^
Something like this: Boo Box by nickeatworld by nickeatworld

Are there any trends or styles you'd like to see less of in the gallery?

miscats! xD Nah.. can't really think of anything I would like to see less of. ^^

Is there any advice you would like to give to new emoticonists?

I learned a lot from downloading my favourite emotes and studying them in my program. I think that's one of the best ways to learn new things, and it may give you a better understanding of things which may help you develop your own cool tricks ^^
And practice makes perfect =p

Is there anything else you would like to add?


And as my final question, if :|, :fella: and :#1: were stuck on desert island, what would happen?

They would build a hut out of palm trees and seaweed and live happily ever after eating mangoes and fish!


It was hard to choose just 3 features from CookiemagiK’s gallery, but I eventually chose the ones below

Ninja vs Pirate by CookiemagiK
Its easy to lose count of the number of brilliant effects in Ninja Vs Pirate. The emote creates a great feeling of depth in the screen as the emotes jump around, and the feeling of pausing time has also been created very well. The blurring of items as they are move about is amazing to watch and the whole concept of the fight is great, making this one of my favourite emotes.

Death ray by CookiemagiK
Everytime I view Deathray, I can’t help but giggle. The idea is very amusing and well pixelled. The expressions on the emotes faces are priceless and the death ray effect well animated. The shooting of the bird at the end really completes the whole emote, and shows just how evil Dr. Specz can be.

See Saw by CookiemagiK
See Saw is another amusing emote in CookiemagiK’s gallery. The timing is done perfectly to really give you the impression they are being thrown up and down. The bounce in the seesaw also adds to the emote making the effect look even more realistic. The emotes faces are brilliant and makes this another all round excellent emote.

:bulletblack:Thank yous</u>:bulletblack:

I'd like to thank CookiemagiK for offering his time to be interviewed, and to Red-Bananas, Marc-pHX and zikes for assisting me in the idea and question developement

:bulletwhite: Previous volumes</u>  :bulletwhite:

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So I herd u liek interviews??

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Verry nice, ! :D i love intervieuws :D ... damn 1 day i become as good as he :D
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I feel famous :)
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:clap:Thanks for a great interview. =CookiemagiK has inspired me a lot and it was encouraging to read how he started.
I will now rush off and learn how to animate my emotes :sprint:
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Awesome syn, Joel is my other favourite emoticonist after you and I remember when he made his first guitar hero emote and the swing and see saw. :aww:
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:giggle: He's a great emoticonist and its brilliant to see how he progresses
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I enjoyed it very much! I'm willing to be interviewed if you want some time. :)
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Glad you like it. I'll add your name to the list of emoticonists for possible interviews
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This is a wonderful idea.
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This was such a wonderful interview. I already knew I loved =CookiemagiK, but now I love him even more!
:#1: :lmao:

Fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing! :star:

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:giggle: Glad you enjoyed it
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fantastic interview :clap:

I want to read more interviews :eager:
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:D thanks.

You'll have to wait till next month for another
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who is the next one? :eager:
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I have yet to confirm it :giggle: It wont be announced for another couple of weeks
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Good read - I hope you do more of these! :)
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Great interview :) I envy Cookiemagik :teheplz:
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Excellent volume!! A great way to start it off too with Cookie.

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