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Welcome to the latest edition of So i herd u liek interviews??. This is the 18th volume in a series of interviews aimed at finding out about emoticonists from the deviantART community.

This series links with the weekly volumes of 'so i herd u liek emotes??' which have now been running since October 2008

:bulletgreen:The emoticonist</u>:bulletgreen:

This editions featured emoticonist is BlissfullySarcastic Bliss has quickly made a name for herself in the emote community with a range of cute emoticons that can be used throughout dAmn. I managed to grab some time with her for an interview.

:bulletblue:The interview</u>:bulletblue:

:interview: by Synfull

How and when did you get into making emoticons?

I started out making emotes a few years ago, actually, because I wanted to make icons for AIM. But they kind of really sucked and were not shaded at all; the animation was choppy. I got into making emotes moreso a few months ago.

When you first started making emotes, did you use any tutorials?

Yes; both were made by 12hc12. Emoticon Tutorial by 12hc12 for shading and GIMP Animation Tutorial by 12hc12 for animation in GIMP.

Are there any particular tutorials you have found/created since that you would like to suggest?

I would definitely recommend using GIMP Animation Tutorial by 12hc12 for GIMP animation, and Emote Tutorial -REPLENISHED- by dbestarchitect and Shiny Emote Shading by Bad-Bloodfor shading.

Where do you get your inspiration / ideas from?

Anywhere, really. Sometimes from other emoticonists, sometimes from real life, sometimes just because I start thinking. :shrug:

Do you try to stick to one particular style and technique, or do you prefer to experiment?

I try to experiment as much as possible. I fail at it most of the time, but I try. xD
Practice makes perfect. Or whatever I have to tell myself to sleep at night. :B

Are there any particular qualities that you feel can make an emote stand out from any other?

I like shinysuperspecial shading. An emote can be static, but if the shading is amazing, I'll squee over it. Either that, or it has to be funny and/or cute. I'm a sucker for the cuteness.

Which programs have you used to create your emoticons? Are there any you can suggest?

I use MS Paint for bases, shading, and frames and GIMP for animation. That's how I've always been, so I can't really suggest much else.
Side note: If ANYONE makes fun of MS Paint for being shit, I'll hunt them down. Like a dog. It might not have layers, but it's amazing for pixel art. :noes:

What methods have you used for shading? Do you have a preference?

I pixel shade all of my regular-sized emotes starting from the bottom corner and working up.
For massive emotes, I prefer dithering, though I've handshaded a massive one before. Pain in my butt.
I think I gradient shaded all of...twice? in my entire "career" as an emoticonist. I don't like it. I feel like I'm cheating. :noes:

Roughly how long does it take you to go from concept to finished emoticon?

It depends on the emote.
The base of the emote itself usually takes me two to ten minutes if I'm not trying a new style.
If I try a pixel background, it usually takes a few minutes to a few hours; same for animation.

Are there any particular effects you've found difficult, or have been unable to create?

It'd be easier to list effects I've found easy. I'm still trying to get the hang of animation, so I fail. A lot. xD
I only upload about five percent of the emotes I make. :paranoid:

Which are 3 of your favourite emotes from your personal gallery?

Jumping Through Hoops by BlissfullySarcastic
I just think it's cute. Old, but cute. Like I already said, I'm a sucker for the cute. :eager:

:lovely: by BlissfullySarcastic
This is the only emote of mine you're ever likely to see me using in a chat room. It's actually something in my gallery that's useful. o:

Parabutton by BlissfullySarcastic
The shading makes me smile--it's one of the few orange/yellow emotes that I didn't fail at. And since I have an easy button and am always pressing it, melikes because it makes me laugh.

Is there a particular emote in your gallery you would you like to see get more attention. If so, why?

Probably :lovely: by BlissfullySarcastic because I use it all the time. I want to share it with the worlddddddddd. =D

Are there any particular emoticonists you would like to see get more exposure?

Wooded-Wolf because he's one of the best emoticonists I know and he barely gets any attention and Emotikonz because she's also amazing with no attention. :meow:

How did you come up with your emoticon character?

Once upon a time, I made Sinister-Starfeesh be my mommy and brokenboulevard be my daddy. Sini suggested I make my OC their colors. And then one visit to the stork later, TUH-DAH. :la:

Do you feel like the emoticon gallery has progressed during your time as an emoticonist?

Hoyes. There are even have massive emotes now. =D

Where would you like to see emotes go in the future?

To the mall in their brand new hovercrafts! o:


I'm liking this whole movement toward shiny, pretty shading. *Nod*
Maybe more pixel backgrounds or more neato effects like explosions and whatnot.

Are there any trends or styles you'd like to see less of in the gallery?

Miscats. Less miscats. A LOT LESS MISCATS.
Other than that, not really, no. I like where the emote gallery is going.
Maybe a little less revamps. I see a helluvalotuv revamps in my devWATCH lately.

Is there any advice you would like to give to new emoticonists?

Ask for help and advice whenever you think you need it.
Can't learn if you don't know what you're doing wrong.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I don't like math, so no. </3

if :la: and :| were in charge of as toy factory, what toys would they make and what would happen?

They would make pink rubber bands and purple paperclips, and then get married and have emotionally disturbed little emotes who would take over the factory after :la: and :| get into a tragic rubber band incident.


Fav Whore by BlissfullySarcastic
Fav whore is a brilliant twist on a commonly used term with nice shading and great animation

Sudden Death by BlissfullySarcastic
There's something about  sudden death which really catches my eye. The unusual expression and great animation form a cute lil emote that i can sit and watch many times over

Paradummy by BlissfullySarcastic
Paradummy is a great combination of two emotes with a great transition inbetween

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:dummy: Awesome interview!
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Fantastic interview, lovely answers. :tighthug:

Very awesome. :eager:
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Eeet be Blissie! :dummy:
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AHA! BLISSY! :dummy:
great interview!
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Great interview!!
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Is there anything else you would like to add?

I don't like math, so no. </3

Made me lol :lol:
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I love BlissfullySarcastic even if she won't let me call her Blissy :hug:
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Awesome interview
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Amazing feature, and thanks to =BlissfullySarcastic for mentioning my tutorial! :heart:
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Brilliant! :clap:

Just one question though, is it possible to feature the emoticonist's oc in the question 'How did you come up with your emoticon character?', it just helps to recognise them :aww:
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Generally i only add one in if they post the thumb, but i'll consider it for future issues :)
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