So i herd u liek emotes?? - Volume 88
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Welcome to this week’s volume of so i herd u liek emotes. This is the 88th volume in a weekly series aimed towards promoting emote and emoticonists from the dA community. It features emotes posted within the past week from both well known and new emoticonists, as well as featuring some other great emote projects and contests.

This week is a special edition of the news article. I am currently staying in Sweden with blunaowl (sazza) and zachriel (Nilli) and gave them the task this week to invade my news article and take over one section each. So below you will find their added sections along with the rest of the regular sections and i hope you enjoy the end result.

:bulletred: Featured Emoticons:bulletred:

1. flying on the spot by jak-jay
It’s easy to enjoy watching Flying on the spot by jak-jay. The animation is very smooth with brilliant blur effect and a cute choice of expression.

2. :thumb169360016:
:jumprope: by LedMaiden is an adorable emote with a fluent bounce motion, nice use of shadows and simple but effective animation.

3. :thumb169486852:
I always like stumbling across a nice little pack and that was just the case with Vampire Emotes by Time042. The set works well together to allow vampire emotes to be used in a number of situations and display a range of expressions.

4. :thumb169601906:
The birth of Jesus by Indae is a great example of how emote can be used to convey a whole scene in just a few pixels. Each of the characters has been well designed and nicely placed to sum up the nativity story in a single image

:bulletorange: Other great emoticons posted recently :bulletorange:

:thumb169838066: I can has tablet? +plz by Katuen :partnersincrime: by MisterLoJo Crazy Jumping by Tifa22 :thumb169719185: :tardsmooch: by KatataEtc OMG.....BUG by rickyrico Sammy's Butterfly Ride by Kohaku0827 Bounce all day long by Nannonshae Perpetual eMotion by k-d-t Hat Wave Emote by Khao5 lil bit thirsty? by Katuen :thumb169650128: EMTC - July by UnicornReality :thumb169642763: :thumb169630591: Air Freshener Jump by spring-sky swooping, flying... by jak-jay Down In The Dumps by Steph1254 Emote: Good bye by KyuubisSlave ZOMG HELP MEEEEE by Koi-Luvr :thumb169348839: Sword Tard by jahw Teleporting by Tvoltage :thumb169323991: :thumb169286764: Annnddd action by Katuen Balloon by Team1Dark Balloon of emoticons by decrime Big emote by LedMaiden plushie crushie by jak-jay OMFGCANTBELIEVEIT by KatataEtc :throwrock: by LedMaiden

:bulletpurple: sazza’s section:bulletpurple:

Okay. So I've not done anything on dA for some time. But I'm in the same room as Synfull and in the same way that light affects atoms, I'm going to affect various aspects of her day. 8B :icon8buckplz: by blunaowl.  Here is a lot of purple. FEAST UPON IT.

:thumb168260943: :HORROR: by AutumnOwl Bad Idea by wisekidk :creativity: by Fuzzi-Wuzzi :scared: by CookiemagiK Bounce-Clap by NyssaDuck O.o by crula clap remake 1a by nillemotes :minimoose: by neek-zique :D by firanca Loading... by ditzybitch squiggle by Synfull

:bulletgreen: Swede’s Selection :bulletgreen:

HI PEOPLE. Old timers will know me as Nilli, and new people won't know me at all since I haven't actually been with the community since March. Synfull asked me to fill a section of my own in this news article, so I decided to go through what I've missed and feature a couple of emoticons from each month.

Sad fayse. by Sinister-Starfeesh The Sad fayse. by Sinister-Starfeesh uses a really simple animation for a very effective icon. Nobody would misread the meaning of this sad little creature.
:petting: revamp by KimRaiFan The :petting: revamp emote by KimRaiFan doesn't really add anything new to the emoticon scene, but the short animation and the unique style of eyes makes it worth a second look.

Ultimate Emoticon Pack by LeoLeonardo I don't normally look at packs, but there are a few gems in the Ultimate Emoticon Pack by LeoLeonardo. Besides the soft colors, I especially like the happy E III emoticon, the nauseous G IV emoticon, and the raging H V emoticon.
Shocked by MixedMilkChOcOlate The Shocked emoticon by MixedMilkChOcOlate is yet another example of how a simple animation is really effective.

:excited: by CookiemagiK I'm speechless about :excited: by CookiemagiK. It's happy, it's excited, it's hyper, it's.. it's omgomg awesome.
:thumb162645602: Emote Drums by Marc-pHX is not particularly useful, but it's cute and fun nonetheless. The blinking eyes and the shadows are the small details that add that little extra for this emoticon.

:HORROR: by AutumnOwl What unspeakable things does the :HORROR: emoticon by AutumnOwl see? I fear we will never know. The emoticon is a great example of how 15x15 pixels are just enough to create an expressive emoticon.
:cuddle: by stuck-in-suburbia The static :cuddle: emoticon by stuck-in-suburbia displays a loving moment, and the soft pastel colors really enhance the tenderness.

:bulletblue: Get involved:bulletblue:

Get involved is a recently introduced section which suggests easy ways to get involved with the emote community and help sustain community spirit.

This week the challenge (set by zachriel ) is to find one really good revamp of an emoticon legend emote and explain in a journal why you feel it should replace a current legend emote.  :)

:bulletyellow: Noticeboard :bulletyellow:

- With the start of July there was a change in EMTC. You can find the results from the book contest here and check out the new bugs contest on this page

-  mintyy is planning a critique session for emotes on 10th July at 8pm UK time. Be sure to watch out for more info.

- The deadline for entries for reserved slots on the emote puzzle is coming up, so if you have a slot and still want to make your entry, you better get it in quick

- jak-jay has started up a new project and there’s still a couple of slots to fill. Check out this page for more info.


:bulletblack: Previous volumes:bulletblack:

Volumes 1-83
Volume 84 - 5th June 2010
Volume 85 - 12th June 2010
Volume 86 - 20th June 2010
Volume 87 - 28th June 2010
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Brilliant features as always, great job! The "Flying on the spot" one is just amazing! :la:

And I feel very honoured to see one of my emotes getting featured by Nilli, especially because I know how much she prefers emoticons that actually are useful to the fancy ones that don't convey any emotion. :aww:
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SynfullHobbyist Artist
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spring-skyHobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for the feature :iconlovesplz:

It's the third time..Woohooo!!

I wish that one day I'll be featured in the top 5 ^^

BTW, Here's a link to my journal entry [link] ..Mission accomlished!! :salute:
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Iosys-luisStudent Filmographer
Amazing articles everytime!! :love::love::love:
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SynfullHobbyist Artist
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CookiemagiKHobbyist Digital Artist
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SynfullHobbyist Artist
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:) i really enjoyed this edition! i hope to one day be on it...

anyways, time for me to complete this challenge and give some get involved tips myself! :eager:
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SynfullHobbyist Artist
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AngelofGod87Hobbyist Writer
Hey Synfull, I have a big question that hasn't really been answered to my satisfaction... how may I use different emotes? ... and why aren't more being added to the current emoticons in the emoticon link :?

I've already gone to the FAQs and such, but I can never seem to be able to use other emotes... :'(
Synfull's avatar
SynfullHobbyist Artist
1) Right now there are only a limited number of emotes on the emote legend and you can use them by typing the codes next to the emotes
2) to use other emotes in comments, you have to see if they have a plz account. more info on that here:
3) You can also use custom emotes on dAmn (the chatrooms) either by posting the :thumbcode: or by using one of the special scripts. more info on those here: [link]
4) New ones aren't being added because its a time consuming process. In my 4 years on the site i've only seen one major update to the legend list
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AngelofGod87Hobbyist Writer
Oh wow... hmm well time consuming or not... it would be fun to see new emotes on there :) (at least a new smiley cause this one is rather lame...)
Synfull's avatar
SynfullHobbyist Artist
It would be, but unfortunately it probably wont happen any time soon
AngelofGod87's avatar
AngelofGod87Hobbyist Writer
That sucks...
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Time042Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much! :icongwompplz:
Glad you like them!
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SynfullHobbyist Artist
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Nice emotes this week:clap:
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SynfullHobbyist Artist
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I can't believe I have one of my emote on this page. Thank you, thank you very much! :love:
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SynfullHobbyist Artist
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PatrickRuegheimer Photographer
Only 4 this week? :confused:
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SynfullHobbyist Artist
Fewer emotes i wish to feature = fewer featured slots
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PatrickRuegheimer Photographer
Oh okay. :hug:
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MisterLoJoHobbyist Photographer
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