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Welcome to this week’s volume of so i herd u liek emotes. This is the 86th volume in a weekly series aimed towards promoting emote and emoticonists from the dA community. It features emotes posted within the past week from both well known and new emoticonists, as well as featuring some other great emote projects and contests.

:bulletred: Featured Emoticons:bulletred:

1. :scared: by CookiemagiK
I really adore :scared: by CookiemagiK. The brilliant eye movements and smooth sweat drop patterns just make the whole emote move fluently together to make an emoticon that’s really useful within conversation.

2. read and smoke by Krissi001
Another brilliant emote submitted this week is read and smoke by Krissi001. The animation flows extremely well throughout the movements and it contains some brilliant effects on the page turn and smoke puff.

3. Falling in love by Katuend
You can’t help but love falling in love by Katuend. The concept is nicely displayed with smooth animation and some great details which make it a great emote to sit and watch over and over.

4. Don't Ignore Me - Revamp by Mr-Jaunty
Special effects always impress me so Don’t ignore me by Mr-Jaunty really caught my eye. Each of the effects has been brilliantly thought out with great creativity and fluent motion to make a rather impressive emote packed into 240 frames.

5. :daydreaming: by BurgerBunny
I’m sure many people can relate to :daydreaming: by BurgerBunny. The emote may only be static but it has perfectly caught the day dreaming concept and displayed it really well in a single frame with great layout and smooth shading.

:bulletyellow: Other great emoticons posted recently :bulletyellow:

Even bigger Brother by jak-jay :RainbowBummies-EmoticonPack: by MenInASuitcase choco truffle by supperfrogg Joy Love Emote by OnWingsOfBlue L4D Bill Emote by icia brainzzz by KatataEtc Feeling Uncomfortable? by 5P-emotes :thumb167755427: :Vuvuzela: by JJA21 :thumb167732480: summer time by supperfrogg :thumb167685748: Rapunzel by Citron--Vert :waaa: by guitarcraze :strong: revamp by stuck-in-suburbia Dino scares zombie by TRIPLE-ASSASINATER Run Out Of Idea by KinnisonArc Shy by UnicornReality Why Emotes Don't Have Noses by stuck-in-suburbia YAY FLAGS by Neokaate :dontpushme: by 5P-emotes Books Are Fun by caranette Don't Ignore me contest entry by Caoimhemotes :spainballoons: by elicoronel16 I'm This Unexcited by 5P-emotes Jellyman Jumps by Mr-Jaunty :thumb168012199: :luffyholdit: by Superjustinbros I've Got Your Back by Steph1254 :armwrestle: by Nironan12 Emote: Eye see you by KyuubisSlave i want the ice tea by supperfrogg Face Palm emote by KyuubisSlave :thumb168139128: ohh no by Gomotes Medals by jak-jay :dinosrawr: by AutumnOwl Tobli Ep.1 - The Lasso by KinnisonArc Toast Dance by BurgerBunny Holding on to what matters by jak-jay :thumb168162959: :cuddle: by stuck-in-suburbia I has diploma by AidanAsha

:bulletgreen: #SuggestAnEmote:bulletgreen:

This week a new emote group opened up. SuggestAnEmote aims to build up a list of emote ideas, concepts and requests available for emoticonists to attempt. This lends a hand to those outside the emote community who would like to see their ideas in emote form and assists emoticonists by offering new ideas and things to try.

The group is currently looking for people to fill both categories. It currently hosts a small list of ideas but we could do with bulking it out a bit. So if you have a code, concept or idea you don’t wish to use yourself, send it over to SuggestAnEmote and they will add it up to the list.

They are also more than happy for people to join up and attempt some of the ideas passing through the group. A single code is open for multiple people to try so don’t get put off is someone has already attempted it and you have a different approach or spin to add to it.

So be sure to swing by the group and take a look at it all


:bulletblue: Literature:bulletblue:

In honour of my friends from the literature side of dA, this week i thought i’d combine the two art mediums and feature emotes based on literature

Writing emoticon by eburt :writer: by arrioch :write: by NerdXV Write A Masterpeice by NaturallyPerfect :book by Gomotes :writing: by Shelagnoa Writer's Block by dirtypaintbrush :book-bounce: by NerdXV reading emote by RJdog1000 :library: by Lythero :read: by Cmotes Rainy Reading by philippstein :bookwalking: by NewYorkKid618 :bookworm: by Mrichston :thumb64733393: :thumb167036095: Pen is mightier than the sword by Dumnezeu :thumb166819856: Hamlet animated by Little-Vampire :shakespeare: by crakaemotes 2nd entry for liv's contest by Droneguard Lit me contest by Droneguard

:bulletpink: Did you know ...:bulletpink:

Using a hand shaded base can assist in keeping your emote avatar under the 15kb limit. Gradient bases often use many colours and more colours result in a bigger file size. Hand shaded bases generally use far fewer colours allowing you to keep the file size smaller.

:bulletpurple: Noticeboard :bulletpurple:

- I apologise in advance that next week’s article may be a little late as i am away for the full weekend

- The winners of the latest opus were announced this week. You can find all of the results on this page

- I am still looking for facts to feature in the ‘did you know...’ section of the news article. At the moment i have had the grand contribution of .... 0 and would appreciate some input from the community. Send me a note if you can think of anything which would fit :)

- Tomorrow (sunday 20th) is the next edition of the emote games. Be sure to be in #WeEmote at 7pm uk time to join in the fun

- With the end of the month approaching a range of the regular contests are starting to finish. Be sure to check out this list if you want to make any last minute entries.

- I’ve set the fun challenge of trying to sum up the emote gallery in 5 words or less and would really appreciate your input. Some of the answers so far have been creative and amusing, so swing by my poll here to check them out and add your own.


:bulletblack: Previous volumes:bulletblack:

Volumes 1-80
Volume 81 - 17th May 2010
Volume 82 - 25th May 2010
Volume 83 - 30th May 2010
Volume 84 - 5th June 2010
Volume 85 - 12th June 2010
© 2010 - 2021 Synfull
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So many great emotes and so much information! :dummy:
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i hope a lot of them gets made into plz's pure torture seeing so many cute things that i can't use TT~
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click, run your mouse oevr them, they should turn blue, right click, copy, paste! :la:
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urgh, i think it must be my laptop's setting or something, i can copy alrite but i dun see a cute bouncy thing when i paste TT...
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So.. there were 69 faves and now I made it to a 70 :paranoid:
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NOW IT's 96 :iconimhorrifiedplz: :shakefish:
What was the point of changing it?
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wow there are a lot's of emotes in this feature :icongdjobplz:
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I have 2 ideas for the "Did you know"-section but I have to collect the information at first :paranoid:

I didn't know that there will be emote games again, thanks for mentioning it :boogie:
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Look forward to any input you may have :aww:
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Very beautiful emotes collection! Nice article! :)
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Interesting 'did you know'! =)
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Thanks for featuring my emote! :iconlaaaplz:
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Yay, awesome collection for this week :iconlawooplz:
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