So i herd u liek emotes?? - Volume 83

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Welcome to this week’s volume of so i herd u liek emotes. This is the 83rd volume in a weekly series aimed towards promoting emote and emoticonists from the dA community. It features emotes posted within the past week from both well known and new emoticonists, as well as featuring some other great emote projects and contests.

:bulletred: Featured Emoticons: :bulletred:

1. little piece of heaven 1 by jak-jay little piece of heaven 2 by jak-jay little piece of heaven 5 by jak-jay
The little piece of heaven series by jak-jay displays some great ideas and nice emote skills. Definitely worth a look at the others in jak-jay’s gallery

:powerrangers: by capncraka is an awesome piece of fan art with great pixelling and real likeness to the characters.

3. Idea stealer by LedMaiden
You can’t help but giggle at idea stealer by LedMaiden. The idea has been represented really well with cute and smooth animation.

4. Building Blocks by BlissfullySarcastic
Building blocks by BlissfullySarcastic is an adorable lil emote with a cute idea and nice looping.

5. :bird: by CookiemagiK
:bird: by CookiemagiK is a really cute emote with smooth animation and adorable expression.

:bulletyellow: Other great emoticons posted recently :bulletyellow:

Boom, headshot by Katuend :simba: by elicoronel16 Tiremote WIP by wisekidk Llama jump by Droneguard :banhammer: by Jibodeah Ghost Balloon by AutumnOwl Thirsty by wisekidk Bouncy Ball by BlissfullySarcastic McDonalds Fries by aMortician Don't Ignore Me - contest by BurgerBunny :thumb165380669: :zombie: revamp by KlauS92 :thumb165384582: :thumb165303968: :thumb165743938: Balloon by guitarcraze Emoticon_IceCream 2.0 by Tifa22 :bird: by CookiemagiK Emote-Tetris by Conuyaku :shaplz: by Twoohten Beach Evening by FlorianReich Kouri and Yuki emotes by Selene-Blackthorn Sleeping by guitarcraze

:bulletgreen: Scuzzle:bulletgreen:

Krissi001 has taken the time to organise a brilliant scuzzle for the community. :excited:

A scuzzle is a mixture between a puzzle and a scavenger hunt where the aim of the game is to find all the hidden pieces that have been scattered across deviants pages. All of the deviants hiding these pieces are from the emoticon community and to help you locate all the pieces there is also a set of riddles which must be solved to help you get from one piece to the next.

The first person to complete the image and solve all of the riddles will win a massive prize of 1508 points and 2 separate requests. It is really worth taking part because not only is it addictive and fun, but you get to view some great art along the way.

The scuzzle starts with Krissi001 in this journal so be sure to go take a look :eager:

:bulletblue: Famous emotes:bulletblue:

This week’s feature was suggested by Mirz123. Famous emotes covered both famous individuals and characters within film/tv

The Lab of Dr.EMOTESTEIN by criz Mad Max Emote by Droneguard :iswydt: by Bad-Blood :thumb5956861: emote-Jack having fun by MenInASuitcase :Thriller: by DEVlANT :thumb53228058: Matrix by LeoLeonardo Upmote by MixedMilkChOcOlate :yoda: by RetinalMist :Excellent Adventure: by jagscupid :mi: by LeoLeonardo :thumb150482301: :sparta: by PoisonTouch King Kong by Onashii :harry-draco: by ChaosEmeraldHunter Gir by Mr-Jaunty :chucknorris: by Chimpantalones

:bulletpink: Did you know ...:bulletpink:

Different browsers have a different minimum frame rate. After this limit has been passed the emotes will look slower even if they are meant to be moving at really high speed. Joel wrote a useful journal on the topic which you can find here

:bulletpurple: Noticeboard :bulletpurple:

- mintyy posted a news article about what actually belongs in the emote gallery. If you’ve ever been unsure or want something to link to all the miscat makers then you can find it here

- There are some updates on Bulletshop which can be used to make emotes out of the dA bullet points :bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletgreen:. You can check out the info in this journal

- With a change in month approaching, the EMTC has had a change in contest. You can find the May winners here and the June contest rules on this page

- Joel’s revamp contest is starting to look awesome and is definitely worth checking out. You can find the rules here

- A new opus contest with the theme of monsters has just been launched. More info and the rules are in this blog


:bulletblack: Previous volumes:bulletblack:

Volumes 1-76
Volume 77 - 18th April 2010
Volume 78 - 26th April 2010
Volume 79 - 3rd May 2010
Volume 80 - 8th May 2010
Volume 81 - 17th May 2010
Volume 82 - 25th May 2010
© 2010 - 2021 Synfull
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Better late than never! Awesome emotes. :nod:
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Glad you could use my idea for a feature. Also, thank you for including my Willy in there. :D
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Wow, thanks a lot for the feature~!!!!
all the emotes are so awesome too :D
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Thank you for your work here.
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Thanks for the feature, and really cool picks too!
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A lovely selection this week. The famous people/film characters spotlight was great. Thanks for picking one of mine. :)
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Thank you, and nice features as always :meow:
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hm thanks karin. :aww:
cya around
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Great. (: :hug:

and zOMG u featured smth twice!!!! OMFG. :lmao: :heart:
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you featured bird emote twice

nice feature
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:roll: not like i can do anything now

Thanks :)
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you can't edit a news article???
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Nope. GMs can, but normal deviants can't
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