So i herd u liek emotes?? Volume 8

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By Synfull
Welcome to this week’s volume of so we heard you liek emotes. This is the 8th volume in a weekly series aimed towards promoting emote and emoticonists from the dA community. It features emotes posted within the past week from both well known and new emoticonists, as well as featuring some other great emote projects and contests.

:bulletred: Featured Emoticons:</u> :bulletred:

1. :bowl-o-copter: by irient
:bowl-o-copter: by irient is one of my favourite emotes posted this week. The combination of great shading, smooth animation and amusing idea come together to make an excellent emote. Originally the hands didn’t flap along with the motion, but it has since been updated and this really adds to the emote. You can’t gelp but giggle at it

2. I has no air by Droneguard
I has no air by Droneguard is this week’s 2nd featured emote. There isn’t really anything you can faultin the emoticon. The animation is excellent and the emote’s facial expressions work brilliantly with the actions. The deflation and inflation of the emote is nicely pixelled, creating a great emote all round

3. golf cart by MenInASuitcase
From personal experience, I know that attempting to draw vehicles for emotes is exceptionally difficult at times. However, MenInASuitcase has done it excellently in ‘golf cart’. Again, it contains smooth animation and fits into a gap in emoticons where not many have been created in the past. This is an overall brilliant and useful emoticon

4. :thumb105016625:
What draws me to :watervsfire: by mazka is the pixelling of the water movement. The general emote idea is great, but the animation of the water dragon is just exceptional. For this reason, I chose it to be this weeks 4th feature

5. Sports by Furatix
I’m sure at some point or another, most emoticonists have thought of using an emote as some sort of ball in an animation, however I’ve never really seen many that have carried this out. But one deviant that has is Furatix with ‘sports’. The movement is very smooth and the emote generally looks very good. The eye expression of the orange emote really adds to the emote creating a very cute emote all round.

:bulletyellow: Other great emoticons posted recently </u> :bulletyellow:

A Thanksgiving Survivor by RadonTheWolf :thumb105053676: Cheese Love by BurgerBunny Santa Love Yayz by Waterelements :paraglomp: by Meckie superblankle by PoisonTouch :stock: by UnicornReality MERRY CHRISTMAS by Emotikonz :thumb104722132:

:bulletgreen: Questions </u> :bulletgreen:

Q: Is there an active emoticon based chatroom on dAmn?
A: The simple answer is yes. One well known emoticon based chatroom is #WeEmote. The room isn’t active 100% of the time, but you can quite often see a few emoticonists visiting, sharing ideas, talking about issues and promoting projects. The title offers a range of useful links and the chat offers a friendly environment for new and experienced emoticonists. Even if you are not an emoticonist yourself, it is a great place to visit and meet emoticonists from dA. Everyone is welcome

Q: I have found a stole emote on DA. What can I do about it?
A: To report the deviation to a member of staff, there is a link underneath the deviation on the right hand side. If you can supply a link to the original, this helps the report be dealt with far easier. If you can’t remember the exact emoticonist that created the original, then use the browse function and type in a few keywords including ‘emote’ or ‘emoticon’ and it can usually be found.

Q: I’ve heard about something called Zikes. What is this?
A: The Zikes Emoticon Script was made by zikes It uses the thumb system on dAmn to allow you to post emoticons by using a code, similar to how the DA legend works. This script can only be used in dAmn chat rooms. For the script to work, you need to use Firefox as your browser, install Greasemonkey and the Zikes script. Any emoticon that has been added to the Zikes database can then be produced using the relevant code. There are currently over 6000 additiona emotes for use. Please remember to ask an emoticonists permission before adding one of their emotes to the database.

:bulletblue: Featured emote collaboration </u> :bulletblue:

With winter settling in on many countries, there are a range of deviants avatars now featuring festive scenes. This created the idea for the Christmas avatar colab

The idea behind this project is to turn your avatar into a festive scene. A base for the snow line has been created by Emoticlown-ist so all the avatars can be placed in one long line. This can be found here: - :thumb105040713:

There is also the offer from MenInASuitcase to have an avatar made for you, if you are unable to create one yourself.

Any deviant that creates a seasonal avatar (with or without the sample snow line) and lets me know, will have their avatar featured in the issue of this news article on 21st Dec. So get creating :D. Please Leave me a message when you have yours posted as your avatar :)

:bulletpurple: Messages/notices </u> :bulletpurple:

I have a few messages that I wish to announce, so felt I should create a section for them.

It has been brought to my attention by Krissi001 that there is a site uploading emotes from deviantart without permission - . If you are an emoticonist it is suggested that you visit the site and look through the gallery to check (you might have to go back a few pages). This site has caused issues in the past, but there is an abuse button at the bottom of each emotes page. If you click this and leave a request for the emote to be removed and a link to the original in your gallery, then there is a good chance the image will be removed by a moderator.

I am carrying out a review of this news article. It is for you as a community, so I want to know what the community thinks about it so far and where it should go in the future. Please could you check out My Journal to add in your opinions

The emoticon advent calendar project launches tomorrow with the first door being opened. Please remember to go check it out and support the deviants that have participated :iconsqueeeplz:

:bulletblack: Notes</u> :bulletblack:

If you would like to suggest a project, emote or emoticonist to be featured please leave me a note on my Synfull account. I am also looking for more questions and tutorials to be featured, so any suggestions are welcome . Tutorials do not have to have been submitted in the week of the news article.


:bulletwhite: Previous volumes</u>  :bulletwhite:

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nice features i alredy have faved most of the emotes
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Great choice as always :bucktooth:
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Yay! I love these things because there are always fun things that I would never get to see in it! :dance:
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hahaha the dancing turkey is there :aww:
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i'm featured! yeappi!
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Aww, thank you. :blushes:

As for the additions, I really like them! This little series is evolving to a newsletter I'm really looking forward to each week. :giggle:
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:wow: i always think your like a awesome spy, i don't have time to see all the awesome emote witch are posted on DA, and the 8th volume show me i'm right, i knew like half of all the emoticon you show in this one!
thanks :D
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:giggle: glad to hear that
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