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Welcome to this week's volume of so i herd u liek emotes. This is the 68th volume in a weekly series aimed towards promoting emote and emoticonists from the dA community. It features emotes posted within the past week from both well known and new emoticonists, as well as featuring some other great emote projects and contests.

:bulletred: Featured Emoticons: :bulletred:

:lessthanthree: by capncraka is a great lil emote with smooth animation throughout and displays a unique twist to the normal love emoticon

2. :thumb153794621:
Uninspired by Marc-pHX is an adorable and brilliantly animated emote that expressed a feeling many artists go through at one point or another.

3. Spread the love by IcedTeaa
Spread the love by IcedTeaa is a simple but rather cute valentines emote

4. Don't let go. by Sinister-Starfeesh
I really love effective static emotes like Don't let go by Sinister-Starfeesh. It is brilliantly pixelled and uses a great set of expressions to bring life to a single frame

5. :cowboy: by dutchie17
:cowboy: by dutchie17 is a great bit of pixelling to make an awesome looking cowboy with a nice gun effect

:bulletyellow: Other great emoticons posted recently :bulletyellow:

:dontfeedtrolls: by KisayaMyst :thumb153795074: :sexywink: by WayaYoshitaka :Big Love: by VellGFX Emote Pack by starzii :thumb153667132: :revolver: by SolidSake Dignity laugh by ROBlNHOOD Mr. T by OliMaag :evilinnocent: by SolidSake :sad: by Toxic-Fox-Girl Mountie on a Horse by pokeyourheadoff Trampoline Fun by wisekidk Walkin' the Rock by AutumnOwl :thumb153384881: I'm back by MixedMilkChOcOlate Hold me... I'm scared. by Sinister-Starfeesh :dowantpizza: by SchuylerAlexander Dancing by BlissfullySarcastic SquishyTard by DragonSilverWing :PopHeart: by ryankon Leaning Tower of Pizza by ByPriorArrangement Love the Companion Cube by J-Works make you shine by KatataEtc :thumb153113290: :chuckle: by AutumnOwl Mr.T by Cessc i can make you smile. by Ticu :deviants: by MenInASuitcase

:bulletgreen: Mood system:bulletgreen:

Along with the emote legend, there is another emote system used throughout the site which may people forget even exists. The system I am talking about is the Emoticon Moods System which allows you to play a mood emote with every comment you post.

Over the past few weeks zachriel and myself have been making a list of all the emotes contained on the mood system and finding links to the original deviations.

After a lot of hard work and some kind input from a few other emoticonists, earlier this week we managed to complete the list, which can be viewed here

To mark this I felt like featuring some of the original deviations in the mood system.

:heartballoon: by Kalitrima :ilovedevart: by zacthetoad Suggestive Wink Emote by budgieishere Wow Emoticon by electricnet O.o by nillemotes Shocked and Appauled by lane :thumb171354: :thumb22013963: Whip Emote by mattdanna :ignored: by cindre :stab: by darkmoon3636 :thunder: by Mrichston :mortified: by MisterIngo

:bulletblue: Chinese new year:bulletblue:

Along with being Valentines Day, today also marks Chinese New Year. So i've arranged a set of features for Chinese New Year, along with tiger emotes as we enter the year of the tiger.

:chinesenewyear: by Katuend :thumb99744260: Tiger Punch? by Zeraga Mr Tiger n The Wild Duct Tape by mirrin Where can you see tigers... by Narfmaster :tigerla: by JauntyBot Chinese Zodiac: Tiger emote by NaNaTheMangaCat

:bulletpurple: Noticeboard :bulletpurple:

- The second in the new series of interviews was posted this week. Be sure to check it out here

- Emotional Emoticons 8 was posted earlier last week. If you missed it you can find a copy on this page

- Emoticiety have launched a quick valentines contest. It closes on the 18th Feb, so I your interested, take a look at the rules here

- Emoticiety also announced the winners of their january contest. The results can be seen on this blog

- The official emote contest is finally open for submissions. The rules can be seen in this article. Also for those that saw the original version, the deadline has now been reduced from 3 months to 1 month.

- Don't forget to also check out the Create me an OC,  sparkles contest and real world emotes contest all of which finish within the next 2 weeks.


:bulletblack: Previous volumes:bulletblack:

Volumes 1-60
Volume 61 - 28th Dec
Volume 62 - 3rd Jan 2010
Volume 63 - 10th Jan 2010
Volume 64 - 16th Jan 2010
Volume 65 - 23rd Jan 2010
Volume 66 - 31st Jan 2010
Volume 67 - 6th Feb 2010
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ryankon's avatar
Oh my, my emote is here! :la: :la:
Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks!

By the way, great collection of emotes! :D
Iluvocnj2006's avatar
Dude, walkin' my pet rock.


Twoohten's avatar
Awesome as usual!
ByPriorArrangement's avatar
:D Thanks for the feature :boogie:

Sorry for the late reply - my pc is dead - I borrowed keyboard time on my Dad's!! :typerhappy:
IcedTeaa's avatar
Thanks so so much for the feature :D :heart:
Toxic-Fox-Girl's avatar
Thanks for the feature! :dummy: :hug:
Marc-pHX's avatar
Thank you for featuring me, Karen! Great article, as always! :aww:

And I just love how you (and Nilli) remembered the emoticons on the mood system and are giving them some well deserved attention. :la:
wisekidk's avatar
Yay! One of my emotes were shown! :la: I feel so special! :dummy:
medreaming's avatar
Great emotes this week!
neurotype's avatar
Thanks for the feature :)
catluvr2's avatar
:love: Great features.
bigfunkychiken's avatar
KatataEtc's avatar
:excited: one of my emotes was featured again :la:
thank you Syn :huggle:
MixedMilkChOcOlate's avatar
One day I'll make something who deserv to be on the top :blushes:
Krissi001's avatar
well you should create more emoticons then ;)
MixedMilkChOcOlate's avatar
I stopped some time because I see that I don't go on the news it wasn't useful to make emoticon if I'm not on the community :blushes:
Krissi001's avatar
You shouldn't create Emoticons just to get in a news article, you should create them because you enjoy to create them :lol:

and you are a popular Emoticonist :pat:
MixedMilkChOcOlate's avatar
yes I creat them for that but I don't want to be excludes of the community but I like feel it's too late for me ;)
Now I'll just find my way alone :)
Synfull's avatar
To be honest i feel like the community is breaking appart right now. I feel on the outside and i'm still making emotes and getting involved. You shouldn't totally exclude yourself cos your still one of the top emoticonists on the site :)

The top 5 features aren't always for the 5 best emotes. Its for 5 i have somthig to say about. At one point i deliberately didn't feature your emotes because they were awesome and stood out without me needig to say anything ;)
MixedMilkChOcOlate's avatar
I don't think like you, you really exclude me :(
When someone make something new about emotes, the work is immediatly added to the news, I "mean massive emote" and some other original things ! But when I make a game with emote, nothing when I make big emote, nothing... I'm sure I could find more example but it's okay I don't really care you are right this news isn't for me and I understand, thanks for trying to be nice I appreciated your comment.
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I always do my search for emotes in the emote gallery which will mean ay games you post get missedunless i remember to bookmark them ^^;
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Every emote you make deserves to be there.
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