So i herd u liek emotes?? - Volume 62

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Welcome to this week's volume of so we heard you liek emotes. This is the 62nd volume in a weekly series aimed towards promoting emote and emoticonists from the dA community. It features emotes posted within the past week from both well known and new emoticonists, as well as featuring some other great emote projects and contests.

You may all be wondering why its on a Saturday this week, but it's purely to free up my Sunday for schoolwork :paranoid:

:bulletred: Featured Emoticons:</u> :bulletred:

1. :motorbiker: by AutumnOwl
I truly adore :motorbiker: by AutumnOwl. Its an amazing piece of pixel work to really capture that biker essence in a single frame

2. :Bummies: by MenInASuitcase
:Bummies: by MenInASuitcase is a fun and amusing piece of animation that highly addictive to watch

3. Emotes packs by JulienPradet
Emote Packs by JulienPradet is another stunning pack with brilliantly shaded emotes and a great range of expressions

4. OMG - Watch that by TheUncle2k
OMG – Watch that by TheUncle2k is a simple but highly effective emotes that could be used in countless situations

5. NOOO don't leave :C by dbestarchitect
The expressions in NOOO don't leave me by dbestarchitect work perfectly with the animation to make an amusing and usable emote

:bulletyellow: Other great emoticons posted recently </u> :bulletyellow:

:thumb148916926: Bored at Work by stuck-in-suburbia Cannonballs by zakarranda :party: by catluvr2 lickmote by MixedMilkChOcOlate mr. cubemote by dutchie17 I Can See Forever by Mr-Jaunty :thumb148564026: Estonia emote by Rin8 :thumb148519380: New Years Ball Drop by JJA21 I haz a Toast by AutumnOwl sneeze by Krissi001 Tard star wars fight by Katuend Art fix by prosaix :thumb148370967: PMS by Piepmon :JOYYYYY: by ExFaceCake WHOOSH by ROBlNHOOD D: by AutumnOwl 2010 by Rebel2206 D': by Gomotes Magnesium, Mg by Wooded-Wolf Cartwheel by zakarranda

:bulletgreen: The art in emotes</u> :bulletgreen:

From time to time you may come across someone that doesn't feel that emoticons warrant DDs or can be considered an art form. They may not always be the easiest of people to talk to and for this reason i've compiled my thoughts on the subject in this deviation :)

Seeing the art in 177 pixels by Synfull

:bulletblue: Year in Emotes</u> :bulletblue:

A week ago zachriel kicked off a craze of summarising your year in emotes within a journal. I decided to take a look through all the ones so far and pick my favourite submission from each :D

I cant touch by catluvr2 Super volley revamp revamp by CookiemagiK :revenge: +tard Mona Lisa by KimRaiFan strange world by Krissi001 Spider Rez by Locou :thumb121259861: DreamArt by MixedMilkChOcOlate :omgomg: by nillemotes Lycan emoticon pack by Oktanas Life of an Emote by etNoir Snuggly tiem by Sinister-Starfeesh :stimmy: by SparklyDest :hologramhug: 2 by Synfull Angel emote pack by JulienPradet Sea Voyage by Tifa22 Me no pea D: by Wooded-Wolf

capncraka catluvr2 CookiemagiK KimRaiFan Krissi001 Locou ManiacalMuffin MixedMilkChocolate Nillemotes Oktanas ros-s sinister-starfeesh SparklyDest Synfull Tear6446 Tifa22 Wooded-wolf

:bulletpurple: Noticeboard </u> :bulletpurple:

- Earlier this week the latest so i herd u liek interviews?? was posted. If you missed it you can find a copy here

- The winners of the illness contest were also announced this week in this journal

- zachriel is trying to promote the creation of chat related emotes and has offered features for a selection created in the next month. For mor info, take a look here

- SparklyDest has started a brand new monthly emote contest with the first theme pirates. There's a subscription up for grabs to be sure to check out the info on this page

- There's still enough time to enter the latest EmoticonOpus contest if you're interested

- pixel-artists are looking for a new group sized avatar. There's a sub up for grabs and you can find the info

- There's still time to nominate someone for :devthemoteawards: if you want before nominations close.

Emotication was given a facelift both on the front page and within its favourites. We have also opened up favourites suggestions for tutorials and base packs

- If you are unhappy with a range of the current emotes on the legend there's a new Stylish script to help revamp some of those old emotes found here

- I hope you all had a good 2009, safe New Year's celebrations and a great start to 2010. I look forward to see what it might bring and how our gallery might change over the next 12 months.


:bulletblack: Previous volumes</u>  :bulletblack:

Volumes 1-55
Volume 56 - 22nd November
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Interviews 1-19
Interview 20 - Gomotes - 14th November
Interview 21 - SparklyDest - 30th November
Interview 22 - Wooded-Wolf - 17th December
Interview 23 - Seiorai - 31st December
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Thanks for the Feature, it means a ton! :hug:
AleriaCarventus's avatar
Yay for emotes! But I think you were sleepy when you posted, 'cause a few are repeats and it says "This is the 61st in a series.."...but it's the 62nd..
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:XD: :iconbummiesplz: is featured twice. Awesome!
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:P i make mistakes some times
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Thanks so much for the features, Karen!! :glomp:
Awesome other features as well. Thanks for the noticeboard, I'll definitely check out what contests I can :dummy: And I'll definitely look into the script :3
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You put :Bummies: up 2 times
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awwww.. :iconbummiesplz: are just soooo cute XD! and you are rite, it's addictive!!!!
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Awesome issue, great features, and it's really informative!:la:

That Stylish script is a must-use.
And I have to say I agree with most of the emotes you picked with the Year in Emotes craze:nod:
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:iconbummiesplz: Thank you :iconbummiesplz:
i'm glad i finally made an emoticon wich deserve a feature on so i hear you like emote :la:
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Nice 2009 review, and thanks a LOT for the feature!! :iconiloveitmoreplz:
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Yay, great articel! :iconyeyplz:
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Yay! Great features! :iconbummiesplz:
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Omg, I love Bummies! :dummy:
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