So i herd u liek emotes?? Volume 5

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By Synfull
Welcome to this week's volume of so we heard you liek emotes. This is the 5th volume in a weekly series aimed towards promoting emote and emoticonists from the dA community. It features emotes posted within the past week from both well known and new emoticonists, as well as featuring some other great emote projects and contests.

:bulletred: Featured Emoticons:</u> :bulletred:

New Zealand emoticon by spiritedrat is a great little static emote. For the deviants first emoticon it is of great quality. The shading is excellent and the outfit the emote is wearing is well drawn. This is a fine example of how an emoticon project can launch a new deviant into emoticons and unlock a great talent.

2. Just DONT Turn Around by TheRockster
Just DON'T Turn Around by TheRockster is another great static emote submitted in the past week. Although emote generally don't have text hanging in mid air, the words on this emote really add to it and making it an amusing snapshot of the moment before an emote is glomped  

3. Night Party by madb0y
Night party by madb0y is this week's 3rd featured emote. If asked what one of the hardest things to pixel for an emoticon, I would have a vehicle. It can be an extremely difficult challenge to get one looking great while in proportion to the emote and I have to say madb0y has done it perfectly. The detail on the cars is phenomenal and the background is amazing too. While the animation is minimal, it adds a certain life to the emoticon, making it overall a great image to look at. Please remember to download to view the full emote

4. :lazybang: by trezoid
I am sure many people can relate to :lazybang: by trezoid at one point or another. The emote looks extremely relaxed and expresses this really well. The shading is also excellent and the animation may be simple but very effective creating a cute and useful emote.

From time to time its always nice as an emoticonist to go back and remake an emote to show how far your skills have progressed. :ginger: by E-motive is a nice example of this. The updated emote is far smoother with great animation, a unique and funny concept and smooth shading creating an overall great looking emote.

:bulletyellow: Other great emoticons posted recently </u> :bulletyellow:

:thumb103032217: :rickrolled: by Norke   :disembowel: by Waluigi-Prower   swimming pool full of gold by MenInASuitcase Victory Dance by SwissCheesy Koala Emote by ShoneGold .: glomp :. by forestsofazarath

:bulletgreen: Featured tutorials </u> :bulletgreen:

Special effects tutorial - gunshot tutorial by Bad-Blood by Bad-Blood

:bulletblue: Featured emote project</u> :bulletblue:

This week the emoticon Gallery Moderator Chimpantalones launched an awesome emoticon project. It is known as the International Emote Project (IEP) and open to any deviant on DA. The idea is to fill a world map with emoticons used to represent different areas. Some areas are already full, the but there are plenty of countries still empty waiting for emoticons to fill them. You can also create emotes to be placed in the ocean/sea to fill up the areas where there is no land. It's well worth checking out, supporting and promoting.

International Emotes Project by Chimpantalones

:bulletpurple: Featured contest</u> :bulletpurple:

Also this week an amazing emoticon contest was launched. The Icon interlude Xmas 08 contest is open for any deviant to enter from now until the 17th of December. The theme is anything to do with Christmas and there is a list of brilliant prizes up for grabs, generously donated from a few deviants. It is definitely worth checking out and entering.

Icon interlude contest organised by E-motive


:bulletwhite: Previous volumes :bulletwhite:

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Awesome features! =D

And great article, as always! :boogie:
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I love your articles. I must watch you for them.
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Thanks for the feature and the pimping of Icon Interlude :aww:
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Another great article :icongreatjobplz:
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no problem :)
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no me for today :(
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:iconpetsplz: As you submitted your last 5 days ago, it probs wasn't in the main group of emotes i picked the features from :ohnoes:
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Don't take it too hard - I've never been featured here. :lmao:
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