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Welcome to this week’s volume of so we heard you liek emotes. This is the 45th volume in a weekly series aimed towards promoting emote and emoticonists from the dA community. It features emotes posted within the past week from both well known and new emoticonists, as well as featuring some other great emote projects and contests.

:bulletred: Featured Emoticons:</u> :bulletred:

1. :thumb135737222:
:shadow: by Kermodog is just an outstanding piece of work. The shadow effect is brilliantly animated and packed full of detail to make a jaw-dropping emote.

2. Wheee by BurgerBunny
Everything about Wheee by BurgerBunny just flows perfectly. The roll is well animated and the use of text is brilliant. The expression is fantastic and overall its just a great use little emote.

3. :thumb135368747:
I adore :airguitar: by Marc-pHX. The detail packed into it is brilliant, and the way the emotes interact has been done exceptionally well. The animation is smooth throughout to make an amazing emote

4. :thumb136064089:
I couldn’t resist featuring Sparkle Sparkle by ManiacalMuffin. The sparkle effect has been done very well and the animation is fluent throughtout.

5. Art Love by PicoocKie
Art love by PicoocKie nicely sums up the term ‘art love’ with a great bit of animation and nice expressions

:bulletyellow: Other great emoticons posted recently </u> :bulletyellow:

plotting or happynoid by nillemotes Glasses by mauritsio :Home Sweet Home: by susyl Luv by SmilingMuffin ninja pirate by MixedMilkChOcOlate :Excellent Adventure: by jagscupid Im Magnetic by mintyy Town Project Entry: BEHIND YOU by PoisonTouch CopterMote by sutapets :thumb135843788: Mmm Cookie by Steph1254 Angel and devil by Mushroom-Jelly :emoticon: AK47 by ShadowMaster29 :thumb135643955: Let's burn it up by Maladikta American Football Emote by JJA21 Remi by Citron--Vert :useless: by MenInASuitcase Virus by CPDT :backflipsmash: emoticon by OctoFlash Water blaster by Devil-man-josh Bucktooth by Inuibuki Green grump by Toast-Muncher :witomf: by dutchie17 Stitch by Citron--Vert Distant cousin by dbestarchitect :thumb136040313: :friendship: by PicoocKie Very Sunny by Journeri

:bulletgreen: Official Contest</u> :bulletgreen:

Earlier this week we announced a brand new collab contest with the C&C gallery that has been in the works for a good few months.

The theme of the contest is dA emoticomics. This combines the best parts of the emote and comic galleries to make an awesome contest. There are a few rules and a cool list of prizes, but for more info check out this journal

Please read all the rules carefully as the comic must be between 5 and 12 panels long and contain a deviantART theme. To enter the comic also must be placed in the correct gallery, that being Contests >  dA Emoticomics. Entries submitted to the normal gallery wont be judged.

To take a look at the current entries have a browse of the contest gallery

And below are some cool examples of existing emoticomics to get you in the mood :)

ice cream van by CookiemagiK Lunatic Spatula 002 by Mr-Jaunty Squishface's Adventures by UnicornReality Download Pin by Detail :thumb102252535: Non-User Friendly by de-Mote :thumb109830348:

:bulletblue: Feature Project</u> :bulletblue:

Town Project

Town Project-Closed by I-Hasa-Muffin

The town project is a nice little projects which as the name suggests is set in a town. The canvas still has a lot of space free as well as some awesome entries so far so go take a look.

Flag Project

Emote Flag Project - CLOSED by CheekyNana

The flag project is a small static project where deviants can customise one of the flag bases and add it to the base. There’s a limited number of spots so if you want to join you better be quick.

Sunset project

Emote Project: Sunset by FloralFlower

The sunset project is based around a beach at sunset. To enter simply make an entry that can be added to the canvas and fit in with the theme. There’s still a good amount of space so get those entries in

Doll project

Doll Project by Tsubasafire

Although not directly connected to emotes I’ve been asked to advertise this great project. It's based on pixel dolls and is a great opportunity for any emoticonist to test their pixelling skills. So if your interested its worth checking out.

:bulletpurple: Noticeboard </u> :bulletpurple:

- I posted an interview of myself in my journal as part of my So I herd u like interviews?? series after a number of people suggested me. If you missed it you can find a copy here

- Emoticiety launched the first of their ‘Monthlymote’ news articles earlier this week. It features all the clubs recent submissions along with some other interesting info. Its definitely worth a look ad you can find it on this page

- I along with a few other helpful emoticonists have been renovating one of the communities old clubs and hope to launch it sometime next week. Certainly keep an eye out for some more info on it

- A new emote club EmoteCentral has started up its own set of interviews with emoticonists. The first one features CtrlAltSuprDelete and can be found here

- Many of you will know that the Zikes website is currently closed while the script is being revamped, however this leaves many people without a link to the script in case it messes up or you wish to suggest someone gets a copy. If this is the case check out this journal for a direct link to the script download.

- For those interested or struggling to use GIMP there’s a new GIMP based club called GimpNation which is worth checking out :)

- With groups around the corner I thought I would advertise this news article which although is based on the literature gallery puts forward some good thoughts on groups and clubs within a community

- Emoticiety are also preparing for groups and their September contest involves designing a new avatar to be used at the club both before and after groups are launched. For more info check out this journal

- The next EmoteGames took place yesterday and fun seems to have been had by all who took part. The list of winners and entrants can be found on this page and keep an ear out for when the next one will be running

- The ‘whore’ opus contest was judged a couple of days ago and the winners announced here

- The next opus contest has just been launched and you can find all the info I this journal. Prize donations for this are also appreciated :)

- Emoticiety have also just announced the winner of their ‘Food’ contest. Be sure to check them out here and congratulate all that took part.


:bulletwhite: Previous volumes</u>  :bulletwhite:

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Awesome, as usual. :la:
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Is sparkles the new trend? There seems to be quite a few emotes featuring them.
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yay thanks! i'll be making more so i hope you don't miss them! :D
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Thanks for the featured 2 my emote :la: :eager:
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Thanks for the feature :w00t:
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Great features :D
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Thats mine left of home sweet home!! :meow: :dummy: :lol: :iconbathlaplz:
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