So i herd u liek emotes?? - Volume 43
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Welcome to this week's volume of so we heard you liek emotes. This is the 43rd volume in a weekly series aimed towards promoting emote and emoticonists from the dA community. It features emotes posted within the past week from both well known and new emoticonists, as well as featuring some other great emote projects and contests.

:bulletred: Featured Emoticons:</u> :bulletred:

1. :thumb134313967:
Surfing the web by Mirz123 is a great concept that has been brilliantly displayed. The animation and background is nicely done to produce a stunning emoticon to watch

2.. Futurama scooter by Droneguard
Futurama Scooter by Droneguard is a brilliant example of emoticon fan art with easily recognisabe characters and great animation.

3. Notre Coin de Paradis by Seiorai
The background pixelling in Notre Coin de Paradis by Seiorai is truly stunning to provide a great base of the animation. The storyline combined with it is both cute and amazing to create an emoticon that definitely deserves a feature.

4. It's raining tards by BurgerBunny
Its raining tards by BurgerBunny is a brilliant display of comedy and great animation to make an emote that leaves a smile on your face

5. DON'T STEAL MY GOLD D: by PoisonTouch
DON'T STEAL MY GOLD D: by PoisonTouch combines a great lil story line with some nice effects to form a nicely animated emoticon.

:bulletyellow: Other great emoticons posted recently </u> :bulletyellow:

Mini tard race by October-Dreams :tarzan_fail: by Web5teR :gummyllamanom: by elicoronel16 Pre-Glomp Splode by JJA21 Painter by Krissi001 Sad hug emote by lemon-hush Emote Coaster by JJA21 :omgwtf: by Ser1x :thumb133353948: :moustache: by Mrichston Addict by xXsh4dXx :curious: by PunkyB Timewarp by elicoronel16 curiosity killed the cat by PunkyB :thumb134338296: Nutella by Glorfindelor :aliengrinn: for Rimfrost by Plaguemotes Monk by Detail My First Tard Emote - OMG by blackxroses84 ramadan kareem :3 by Q8Toba :J by ExFaceCake :lads: by DEIDATVM :bazooka: + plz by madb0y Revive Chat by JJA21 :thumb134217992: Emotecatcher by Weiwa Waiting by UnicornReality Emote Playing Cards by JJA21 pretty boy now with plz by Krissi001 Go Emote Go by Koomba Shark by kill4fox Chase me plz by Droneguard :stoneglomp: by Locou :eagerpee: by Ikue :thumb133481868: :BombingEscape: by MenInASuitcase :thumb133434085: Annoying by PedroPinguim Yummy Summer Food Fun by LollipopGoddess :thumb133362806: :thumb134440233:

:bulletgreen: Featured Contests</u> :bulletgreen:

We have a number of different contests that have appeared recently, and so none get missed here's a small run down of them:

- Whore Contest - hosted by dbestarchitect through EmoticonOpus - deadline 29th August

- Emote Get Away Contest - hosted by LeoLeonardo and SuperSmiley - deadline 30th August

- Food Contest - hosted by Emoticiety - deadline 31st August

- Hole in my page - hosted by 5P-emotes - deadline 8th September

- Internet Defense "Serious Business" Design Contest - hosted by ScreamingGerbil - dealine 15th September

Remember to check out the Current Contest List on Emotication for an up to date copy :)

:bulletblue: Featured projects</u> :bulletblue:

Stamp Collection Project

I never really feature my own work as I'm rather bias about it, but in the case of projects I make the exception.

Stamp collection - closed by Synfull

The stamp collection project is a simple little project. To enter simply grab a copy of the stamp base and customise it to your own liking. Once submitted it will be added to the stamp book to make a group of funky looking stamps from around the world (and beyond). It's already got a good number of entries, but keep those entries coming in. Warning: it does have limited space and once full it will be closed

Hotel Project


All emotes need a rest from time to time which is where the Emote Hotel Project comes in. There are a good number of rooms up for grabs all of which can be decorated in your own persona style. S if your interested go take a look

:bulletpurple: Noticeboard </u> :bulletpurple:

- First off, the biggest piece of news in our community this week is we now have a 2nd Gallery Moderator. Please give a massive welcome to Joel (CookiemagiK) who will be working along side me to keep an eye on the community. I know personally it takes a lil while to settle into a ^ so please go easy on him till he finds his feet :D

- This means that DD suggestions can now be sent to myself or to CookiemagiK. However please don't send the same suggestion to both of us

- The next interview in the So I herd u liek Interviews?? series has been lined up and should be posted next week

- For those that are interested in learning about flash but don't have a program, MenInASuitcase  has pointed out a free site that could help you out. For more info take a look at his journal here

- I recently set up a poll asking for suggestions of emoticonist to interview. If you would like to suggest someone you can put their name forward on this page

- The Zikes site is currently down due t the whole script being updated. Therefore unfortunately no codes can currently be added or changed. Hopefully it wont take long till the ew script is available but till then please be patient.


:bulletwhite: Previous volumes</u>  :bulletwhite:

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Interview 1- CookiemagiK - 15th January
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Interview 3 - MenInASuitcase - 12th February
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This ones cute =D
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Man do I love this newsletter. :heart:
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:wow: amazing features :D
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Thanks :D
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Waaah, I'm in there as well :boogie:
Thankies Syn, beautiful features this week :huggle:
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Thank you :la:
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Thanks so much for featuring! :heart: :iconlaplz:

Love all the other emotes :clap:
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After examining them thoroughly I give these features my official Mike-RaWare Stamp of Approval®.
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Some really awesome finds this week. Great job with this week's edition.
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:) Thanks
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Awesome as always!
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