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Welcome to this week’s volume of so we heard you liek emotes. This is the 42nd volume in a weekly series aimed towards promoting emote and emoticonists from the dA community. It features emotes posted within the past week from both well known and new emoticonists, as well as featuring some other great emote projects and contests.

The article is normally posted on a Sunday but due to me going away for the weekend and travelling home Monday/Tuesday it’s a lil bit early :)

:bulletred: Featured Emoticons:</u> :bulletred:

1. Harmonies by CookiemagiK
Its quite easy to see why I chose to feature Harmonies by CookiemagiK. The whole concept is amusing with great animation to make an adorable emote

2. :thumb133204003:
The animation for CAN’T GET THAT APPLE by Kermodog may be simple but its very effective. The shading of the tree is also stunning and the whole emote runs smoothly throughout

Its not always easy to create a emote for use when your annoyed but urrlystarting2annoyme by capncraka really nails it. Its nicely shaded and the choice of expression combined with the great animation make this a useful emote to use in conversation.

4. Roll-bounce by ROBlNHOOD
There’s something quite adorable about Roll Bounce by ROBlNHOOD. The animation is flawless to create an emote you can watch bounce and roll all day.

5. LittleTeapot by Weiwa
Little Teapot by Weiwa is a cute little pixelled scene. It’s nicely laid out with great shading and adding a face to the teapot is a brilliant touch.

:bulletyellow: Other great emoticons posted recently </u> :bulletyellow:

:thumb133043237: Emoticon and the Tree-FINISHED by PedroPinguim :thumb133017235: Content by Walk-D-Plank Thru the phone by SneakySnapper :thumb132975878: WTF by Web5teR Psychobuck Avatar by Mr-Jaunty :butbut: by 5P-emotes :thumb133280318: History class by xXsh4dXx Songoku Vs. Piccolo by PedroPinguim :thumb133190267: :thumb133284683: RIP, Juisy by Yolkurt You shouldn't have by SmilingMuffin :thumb133076382: :thumb133205579: Treasure Hunt by xXsh4dXx
Jark has travelled to Earth by madb0y DOUGHNUT by PoisonTouch Steedy Clap Bounce by donkirk My 100 Jar Entry: Tards by JJA21 :thumb133134637: :thumb133213690: Bottled Emote for Sale by LollipopGoddess Emote Basketball by JJA21 Run by Web5teR Ben in Jar by Ciucku high five of opposites by ebilartista Angel Llama by Mr-Jaunty My Milkshake by Koomba

:bulletgreen: Forums</u> :bulletgreen:

From a journal earlier this week I discovered a good number of people don’t know about the gallery forums we have here on dA. They can be locate via the forum page by licking the top left button saying ‘categories’ then looking at ‘galleries’

The emote forum has been dormant for some time now and I’ve been looking at a way of trying to use it in a positive way within the community. This week I launched 2 threads that I hope will be of use.

The first is aimed at offering information on how to remove coloured backgrounds from emoticons using a range of programs and tools. As I’m not familiar with most programs I’m looking for your input. If you have any to add then check out this page

The second is aimed at gathering a database of emoticonists characters which the owner allows to be used within other people’s work. Hopefully this will cut out the need to ask if its ok to use your character if someone wishes to make a emoticon with it. It also offers a space to give a lil more info o your character if you wish. If this sounds interesting then take a look here

Feel free to check out the rest of the emoticon forum and even create your own threads if you wish. I also suggest you tae a browse through some of the other galleries forums to see what you can uncover :)

:bulletblue: Featured projects</u> :bulletblue:

Soccer Team Project

Emote Soccer Team Project by NinjuhBunneh

I always enjoy seeing what emoticon projects deviants can come up with and its great to see some of the unique ideas. NinjuhBunneh has launched a project based on creating emotes in their own soccer (football :cough:) strip to add to the background. It looks like it could be a great project so go check it out

100 jar challenge

100 Jar Challenge. by inPrint

Although not specifically a emote project, the 100 theme challenge was another project launched this week. It aims to fill 100 bottles with different items. After seeing the latest craze in bottle avatars this seems like a great project, so grab a template and get entering

:bulletpurple: Noticeboard </u> :bulletpurple:

- I recently posted a journal promoting some of the emote clubs within our community. If you missed it first time you can check it out here

- Last Sunday a trivia event was held within our chatroom #WeEmote. The feedback I have had from this is great and check out this article for features from the event.

- We are now opening the EmoticonOpus account up to allow other people to run the contests. If your interested and would like to sign up for a turn at some point please give koffeeben or myself a note. For more info check out <a href-"…">this journal

- The opus is currently running a contest with the theme ‘whores’. Its set to be a great contest, so take a look here for more info

- Emoticiety is launching a new emote related news article later this week. Definitely keep an eye out for it.

- The latest edition of so I herd u liek interviews?? was posted this week featuring de-Mote. You can grab a copy here if you missed it


:bulletwhite: Previous volumes</u>  :bulletwhite:

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Interview 13 - de-Mote - 12th Aug
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Here's a summarized comment for all the articles I missed when I was gone: Superb features, awesome job writing it all up, they were all very nice reads! :nod:
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how do you make emoticons?!
zomg, they all rule, though ^_^
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Check out =Emotication for a load of tutorials :)
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Keep up the great work Synny

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Lovely features~
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Thanks for the feature!!
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Awesome features again :)
And also thanks for mentioning the trivia, again :woohoo:

You got feedback from it? :) Ohh, thats awesome :aww::faint:
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I haven't really recieved any info back but i haven't been around much lately
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Thank you very much for the feature. This is the second feature this week for that stupid little penguin I made. lol
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